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Canadian Guides to the Law for the Layperson cover the basic information you should know and need when you want to ask a lawyer about legal problems, legal questions or need legal advice.


Written in plain English for people just like you.


Guides to the Law Legal questions legal problem? What you should know

Canadian Guides to the Law for the Layperson cover the basic information you should know and need when you want to ask a lawyer about legal prob

Knowing a little about the law will empower you in dealing with lawyers and courts.


Browse through CanLaw's Guides to the Law for the Layperson to learn enough to understand how your case works.


What is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to get your divorce?

Separation agreements, Custody, Access, Child Support, Spousal Support and  Equalization issues

  • About Criminal Law

How to deal with the police.

"Just Because You Did It

Doesn't Mean You're Guilty"

Have you been charged? Here is a simple outline of the criminal arrest and charge process. What will happen, when and what it all means. What to expect and your rights.

CanLaw's Guide to the Law for the layperson basic information on all aspects of the criminal process in Canada.

  • About Employment Labour Law

Why you must not sign anything from your employer.

If you have been dismissed for any reason do not sign anything from your employer until you have obtained reliable legal advice from an employment lawyer.

  • About Starting a Business

How To Register Your Business

How To Incorporate Your Business

You Must Either "Register" or "Incorporate" Your Business. It is the law.

What are your rights in Personal Injury matters, such as Slip and fall, Vehicle Accidents, Malpractice claims.

If you were injured read about your rights here and consult CanLaw personal injury attorneys as soon as possible.

You may have as little as 10 days to file a claim.

  • About Medical Malpractice

You really need to consult a malpractice lawyer to determine if you have a medical malpractice claim.

Your personal injury lawyer will assess your claim, give you an idea of what your injury case may be worth and how long it will take. There are no fast settlements.




CanLaw helps with solid information on credit, debt consolidation, credit counselling, consumer proposals or bankruptcy.

You Cannot Out Run Your Debts.

Learn about the five options to solving your debt problems in Canada.

The steps you must follow to sue someone in Small Claims court anywhere in Canada.

How to represent yourself, sue someone, win and collect your judgment.

It takes time and you must be thorough and organized.

  • About Immigration Law

If you wish to immigrate to Canada, there are four categories under which you may apply.

Immigration lawyers in Canada  will professionally and properly fill out your application forms and expedite the process for you.

Remember, immigration to Canada is limited. You need professional legal help to maximize your chances of success.

  • About Traffic Ticket Law

CanLaw's Guide to the Law for the layperson on DUI and Traffic tickets.

DUI? You are in big trouble. Get a lawyer now

DUI? It will cost you an average of $18,000.00. This includes legal fees, towing, impound fees, fines, and years of hugely increased insurance premiums. You could go to jail too.

  • Why You Should

Beware of Law Societies


Most disbarred lawyers are readmitted to practice law

Most "sentences" imposed on a lawyer are nothing more than a modest fine with years to pay.

  • Have a Complaint

About a Lawyer?

Tell CanLaw About Your Experience With Your Lawyer

Lawyer Compliments,  Complaints, Ratings and References

  • Other Legal  Questions?

These Guides are not legal advice, they are legal information.

For legal advice consult CanLaw lawyers or paralegals

These guides to the law  cover all areas of law, including power of attorney  family lawyer, law suits, criminal lawyer, real estate lawyer, wills estates lawyer, civil litigation lawyer small claims court, medical malpractice lawyers, employment lawyers, car accident lawyer, personal injury lawyers anywhere in Canada. Find a lawyer if you have any legal questions at all.

  • About Process Servers

Why You Will Need A Process Server.

All courts require a sworn affidavit of service as proof that you served all the required legal or court documents.  No exceptions. A process server can serve your claims and provide a legal proof of service affidavit recognized in any court in Canada.

  • What To Look For When Hiring

Retaining a Lawyer in Canada

Shop carefully before you hire a lawyer.

Lawyers are not cheap.

An average rate runs around $350 an hour. A family law case can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars.

You shop for a house, or a car, so shop for a lawyer. You are about to spend a very large amount of money

Guides to the Law are written in plain English to help Canadians to understand the basic information you need when you are involved in a legal problem or need legal advice or a lawyer.

They are not legal advice, Consult a lawyer for legal advice.

These Guides are intended to help Canadians to understand what they are getting into in legal matters.

Canadian Guides to the Law for the Layperson cover the basic information you should know and need when you want to Find a lawyer about legal problems, legal questions or need legal advice. Written in plain English for people just like you.

CanLaw is a far better lawyer referral service than Law Society Lawyer Referral Services.

Use this free lawyer referral service and have us contact the lawyers for you

CanLaw helps people just like you find a lawyer

with the right solutions for real legal problems

  Do you think you have a case?  How much is your case worth?

Know Your Rights.

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