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Need Independent Legal Advice, ILA? Need Pro Bono Legal Aid or Help? Get professional legal answers to your legal questions

Need Independent Legal Advice?

Need Pro Bono Legal Help?

Get professional legal answers to your legal questions

This CanLaw Confidential Lawyer Referral Service is absolutely free of charge. to everyone, anywhere in the world, seeking legal help anywhere in Canada.

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The Law Society of Ontario referral service (LSRS) and any other Canadian Law Society will only give you one name of the next lawyer on their referral list regardless of whether she works in your area.

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WHAT IS CANLAW? CanLaw is Canada's first, largest, free Nationwide Lawyer Referral Service for anyone, or any business, anywhere in the world, needing to find a lawyer, law firm, or legal or related services and assistance for any reason whatsoever, anywhere in Canada.

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