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We need to know from you who the best lawyers are and why. So please let us know who you would recommend and who you would not.

Our goal is to assist you, all clients and the profession in finding the good lawyers and weeding out misfits, thereby improving the service and the experience for all who are forced to deal with the law.

There are countless solid, hard working, reliable honest lawyers in Canada. These comprise the majority of lawyers. Help us identify them. Send us your recommendations. Give legitimate praise where due and earned.

CanLaw will only disclose whether or nor we have any complaints (and how many) against any given individual. We will not disclose the nature of the complaints, only because we do not wish to be spending the next thirty years fighting frivolous and vexatious libel suits.

CanLaw makes this type of information available to all for a good reason. Individuals do not usually have the resources to issue nationwide press releases or use the other tools various lobby and interest groups have. We want to help "level the playing field" for all comers

Just because you lost your case in court is not by itself grounds for a complaint. CanLaw will not adjudicate complaints.


File your own lawyer complaint about any lawyer with your local law society. Click here for your provincial Law Society and follow up with them.


Know that generally none of the law societies will do anything to help you. They are in effect, lawyers' unions.

Lawyer Compliments,

Complaints, Ratings and References

Please tell us about a lawyer who did a good job for you so we can recommend her/him to others who ask us to

"find a good lawyer near me."

Just tell us about your lawyer's legal experience and expertise and comment on the outcome achieved.

Were you happy with your lawyer?

Would you recommend your lawyer to others?

How Would You Rate Your Lawyer Good, Bad, Indifferent?

How Would Your Rate Your Lawyer?

Good, Bad, Indifferent?


Would You Recommend Your Lawyer?

CanLaw cannot publish the list of the lawyers we cannot recommend to assist consumers in choosing the best lawyers and weeding out the few incompetent, the rude, the arrogant and the nasty individuals who somehow have obtained legal degrees.

However we will not recommend them ever and will not accept them as subscribers on CanLaw.

Is there a rating system for lawyers?

Use CanLaw's lawyer rating system

to rate your lawyer so others can benefit. It  helps consumers find the best lawyers by sharing information and ratings,

If a lawyer or paralegal did a good job, please let us know. If the work was bad, be sure and let us know

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  - Jeph Jacques

How Would You Rate Your Lawyer Good, Bad, Indifferent?

Rate your lawyer Would you recommend your lawyer? How was your Lawyer, Lawyer Compliments, Complaints, Ratings and References What's your experience with your lawyer Good Bad or indifferent

Lawyer Compliments, Complaints, Ratings and References

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