Why Should You Choose CanLaw to Design My Website?
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2 350.00 You Can Edit Your Own Web Site At Any Time
Product description: CanLaw Does Everything For You. Copy, Creative Services, Graphics, Layout, Links, Search Engine Submissions, Contact Forms, Social Media Buttons, Search Buttons all included in the package price


Lawyers' Web Site Design

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CanLaw Does

 Everything For You.

Copy, Creative Services, Graphics, Layout, Links, Search Engine Submissions, Contact Forms, Social Media Buttons, Search Buttons

all included in the package price

Answers to questions about your law office web and graphic design

You Can Edit Your Own

 Web Site At Any Time

It's As Easy As Changing the Words In An Email

This requires that you read the how to

and even follow the instructions OK?

Some Basic Stuff

You Should Know About

What is a "Domain"?

Simply speaking, a domain is a web address such as CanLaw.com. You need your own domain to protect your company name and image. Usually your domain name would be your name or your company name with dot com added at the end. This also is what all your email addresses will be based on.

Why Register My Own Domain?

Once we register your domain name, you own it and no one else may use it. Cost is about $25 for the year and about $15 a year thereafter.


We will transfer ownership to you as soon as your basic web site is done.


What Is Web Hosting?

All web sites reside on a web host. There are thousands of web hosting services out there.

You will also need to pay monthly fees to a web host.

You can use CanLaw hosting or anyone else. You are free to choose.


How Long Has CanLaw

Been Creating Web Sites?

Our first CanLaw page, our own home page was initially designed in 1996. That site has dominated the search engine rankings for over 22 years now. Prior to that we ran a couple of websites promoting our advertising services.


Moreover, the President of CanLaw, Kirby Inwood, has been working in advertising and sales promotion for over 50 years, since 1967.


We know advertising. We build content, not gimmicks in web sites. Content is the only thing that counts.


Why Should I Choose CanLaw

to Design My Website?

Several reasons. Our strength is in design, layout, and most important of all, CONTENT.


We write good copy and design your site with your audience in mind.


Content is the only thing that matters on your web site. Without good copy, designed to inform and sell, your web site will be just another overhead expense.


Most web site designers are really just computer programmers who know nothing about advertising and it shows.

Programming is only the mortar holding the bricks of good copy writing and well designed graphics and page layouts together.


Be certain that your web site content is created by an experienced, qualified copy writer with extensive advertising experience.


The rights to use all graphics, photos and illustrations on your website are included and do not violate any copyrights



Every web site that we build starts out with a blank page. The final product is an original creation and totally custom-tailored to your specifications.


We can make updates to your web site quickly and easily, as you need them.


Once your original site is up and running we will stay on the job to maintain, update and improve your site.

Can I Make Changes To My Own Web Site?

Absolutely. No technical knowledge needed to update or change any of the copy on your site.


We will be happy to maintain your web site for you.

CanLaw will update your site and make simple changes for you at no charge, anytime.


For more involved updates, there will be a fee which we will quote in advance and stick to.

Will I Be Able To Take My Site To a Different Web Host Service in the Future if I Choose?

Yes. Once you have paid us for the design work, the site is yours to do with as you please.

What Else?

We provide the full range of services that you will need to set up your business presence quickly and easily on the Internet.


We take all the guesswork out of the process and will work closely with you to keep you informed and ensure that your web site meets your needs and expectations.


The result will be a professional web site that reflects your company's image and style and promotes confidence in your customers.


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Graphic Design, Creative Services Marketing and Website Design.

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