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CanLaw will build you a basic web site in about a week based on decades of copywriting and advertising experience

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Your website should tell prospects what you  can do for them

and why they will be better off if they retain you.


Includes Home Page,  Services Page,  Contact Page,  About Page,  Team Page

Includes a 5 Page Web Site:

Our Standard Web site Design Package includes a 5 page web site with everything your law office needs to put your practice on the Web.

A web site for a solo or law office would typically consist of about five  pages of information about your practice, your expertise and staffing. A sitemap is used by the search engines to list your site, and we include one at no extra charge.

It is a good idea to include a disclaimer, terms of service, conflict statement and privacy protection statements if applicable.  The copy for these must come from you, although we can assist with editing. Keep these short and simple in plain English.

Additional pages can be added as needed. Individual pages for each lawyer are appropriate. Additional pages are $250 each.


Once you have booked your web site project we start with a basic consultation with you to learn about your practice.

Your USP is vital:

Give very serious thought to your USP or unique selling proposition.  Why are you different from all the other lawyers out there. Ask yourself why a client would choose you over anyone else. Clients need to know why you are better than the competition.

Additional Optional Costs




Domain name fees:

You need a domain name and it should probably be your company name for simplicity's sake. Avoid fancy, clever names.

You must buy a domain name and pay an annual fee for its use. A ballpark price for your web site domain name would be around $15.00 annually.

CanLaw will help you obtain your domain name.


Web hosting fee:

You also will need a web hosting service, called an ISP, to store your web pages on their computer, and make them accessible to viewers and your prospective clients. This is the only way to access your web site.

CanLaw offers basic hosting for $45 a quarter. You can use our service or find one of your own. Your choice.



Photos and Graphics:

Your Web site is really enhanced by the appropriate and non-intrusive use of colourful graphics or photos.

We'll insert the photos or graphics you supply and/or we can suggest appropriate illustrations in our design. The cost of stock photographs and graphics usage licenses is around $3 each.

Meta Tag Development

Meta tags. such as keywords, page title and page description, tell search engines what is important about your site and largely determine how they list and rank you.

CanLaw researches keyword popularity and number of searches for given keywords and incorporates the most popular in your web content. This will raise your ranking in search engine results.

Our package includes optimized Meta Tag development, with special expertise in key words, site content tags and site title tags. We also include og tags and rich snippets which are used by the search engines in ranking your site.

Search Engine submissions.


SEO offers are scams. Do not waste your time and money,


We include an initial submission of your web site to the top search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, in your package price.  The other search engines will pick up your site from Google in short order.

Promoting Your Web Site:

"If you have a web site and no one sees it,

 is it really there?"

Once your web site is in place, you need to let the world know about it. This is mainly done by submitting it to the important search engines.

We'll advise you on ways to promote your site and draw increased traffic to your Web site to maximize its effectiveness.

CanLaw will build a solid, professional site for your law practice.


Your site will enhance your personal reputation as a reliable, solid lawyer, promote your practice, establish your own expertise and bring you new clients.

We can help you succeed on the Internet. Why? We know how to market profitably and professionally . . . and above all, we know advertising and promotion, both on the Internet and in all other media as well. If you want a professionally designed web site which you can be proud of, we can build it for you.

Web Design and Promotion takes time and effort to make a website work.  It is just not enough to post a pretty brochure. You must offer viewers a reason to visit, a reason to stay and a reason to come back. That takes thought, planning and frequent updating of your website.


We design, lay out and code your site so that your pages display properly for the major browsers.

We ask our clients to submit their text to us in standard word processor format .

CanLaw will  do reasonable edits of your material at no extra charge.

Original copy writing and rewriting of material clients supply us may be a negotiable extra.

Typing of material which was not supplied in digital form may incur a secretarial charge.

Installing Your Web Site:

Once you've approved the layout and design of your web site, we upload and install it in the Web space you've secured from your ISP (web hosting service.)

CanLaw can provide web hosting for your site at $15 a month. You are not obliged to use our hosting service.

Contact Form:

One of the most powerful features of your Web site will be an order form or enquiry/response form.

People who visit your site will give you their name, address, phone number (if you ask), as well as details about information for which they are looking.

All this is very valuable marketing information about potential customers or clients who are interested in your products or services. You can also use this as an order form.

One form is included with each of your site.

Google Map

People need to know exactly where you are. Location. strangely enough, is a key factor in choosing a lawyer.

 Free Updating:


We will always be willing to make minor changes to your site on a complimentary basis. This means price changes, address or name changes, or the revision of the occasional sentence here and there.

No one likes to read the same old magazine over and over again. Similarly, you really need to add new material to your site as often as possible.

All web sites require refreshing, updating and maintenance in order to keep your viewers coming back.

We also offer ongoing major updating services on a very reasonable, even modest rate based on our estimate of the work which will be required. You will always be quoted in advance.

Content, Content, Content;

We need to obtain information on your practice, experience, special items you want featured, as well as basic logistical information such as location, contacts, photos, staff information, and the like.

The more you can tell us, the better your site will be.

We won't "over sell" you on something you don't want or need.

Our broad experience in marketing, advertising, sales promotion and copy writing, will help you determine what is right for your company and your emerging Web site.

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