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Face the music and consult a lawyer so you know what you are facing. You should consult experienced lawyers for important matters such as prenup agreements, criminal matters, real estate sale or purchases, tax and estate planning, drafting your will and trusts, negotiating business deals and especially in divorce, support, custody and family law matters. Even if adopting children.

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Lawyer Referral Service Fast Free Confidential Trust CanLaw This Lawyer Referral Service is absolutely free of charge to everyone, anywhere in the world, seeking legal help anywhere in Canada. Trust CanLaw the first and leading free lawyer referral service

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In many situations, especially in personal injury matters, you must act promptly.

But even if you think you have lots of time to consider your alternatives, deadlines such as sneak up on you and lawyers need time to prepare. So it's always better to start looking for a lawyer sooner than later.

If you've been injured in an accident, keep in mind that there are time limits on your right to file a lawsuit. These "statutes of limitation" vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you are injured falling on the sidewalk, you need to sue the city and they often demand notice within days of your accident.

Lawyer Referral Service

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Knowing a little about the law will empower you in dealing with lawyers and courts

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Get plain English answers to how the law works in your matters.

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