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How to find a lawyer near you, hire and pay the right lawyer for your legal problem.What Are The Different Types of Lawyers?


Know How to Choose

the Right Types of Lawyers for Your Legal Issues.

How to find a lawyer near you.  How to hire and pay the right kind of lawyer for your legal problem.

What Are The Different Types of Lawyers?

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About Bankruptcy.


  • How to Get Out of Debt Quickly.
  • Practical Steps to Solve Your Financial Problems.
  • Dealing with Debt Collectors.


What is personal bankruptcy?

What can you keep if bankrupt?

Why you should avoid credit counselling.

What is a consumer proposal?

How to solve your money problems.

Here are the right answers. How to stop collection calls, creditor calls? Realistic answers about your credit rating, money problems, debt problems, financial problems.

Ask a CanLaw bankrupt lawyer for legal advice.

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How To Rate Your Lawyer.

Good, Bad, Indifferent? Please rate your lawyer so others can benefit from your experience.


What To Do If Your Lawyer's Bill Is Too High.

How to get it reduced.


Free Lawyer Reference Checks

 Ask CanLaw for a Reference Check Before You Hire or Retain a Lawyer in Canada,


Why You Should Avoid Law Society Referral Services.



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How To Solve Your Credit Problems


How to  stop collection calls.


About Credit and Debtor Law: Can't pay your bills? Want to know how to solve your credit problems?


CanLaw helps with solid information on about credit counselling, a consolidation loan, consumer proposals or even bankruptcy to see what will work for you.

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About Insurance Law




If your claim has been denied or your benefits were terminated, and you do not agree with the decision, you have three options:

  • Appeal the decision
  • File a lawsuit
  • Negotiate a Settlement


Insurance law deals with disputes over insurance policies and claims.

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Do You Qualify for Legal Aid?


  • How you  apply for Legal Aid?
  • How long does it take?
  • What kind of cases are covered?
  • Do you have to pay anything?


Legal aid assists low income persons by the provision of financial assistance to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system.

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About Criminal Law

How to deal with the police.

"Just Because You Did It Doesn't Mean You're Guilty"

Have you been charged? Here is a simple outline of the criminal arrest and charge process. What will happen, when and what it all means. What to expect and your rights.

CanLaw's Guide to Criminal Law for the layperson has basic information on all aspects of the criminal process in Canada.

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What You Should Know About

BBB and Prepaid Legal Offers.


SCAM ALERT means you should avoid any company with this warning. Find someone else.Caveat Emptor

means Buyer Beware



BEWARE of the BBB: Read about Canadian business owners nationwide complaints that the Better Business Bureau BBB is just a pay for play scheme. Is this fraud? Do A plus ratings go to those who pay membership fees. Are F ratings used to punish those who don't?


BEWARE of PRE-PAID LEGAL ; Do not be a victim. Why would you pay a monthly fee to talk to a lawyer when most lawyers will talk to you for free?

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About Employment, Labour Law


How much employment insurance and severance can you get? lost your job?


Been fired? Downsized? Laid off?  Wrongful dismissal? Constructive dismissal? You need an employment lawyer now.


Sign nothing until you talk to a labour lawyer. Employment law is very complex with numerous government agencies each with their own seemingly contradictory rules and regulations.


It is not an area for the average consumer to handle on his/her own. A lawyer is highly recommended.

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About Personal Injury Matters

What are your rights in Personal Injury matters, such as Slip and fall, Vehicle Accidents, Malpractice claims.

If you were injured read about your rights here and consult CanLaw personal injury attorneys as soon as possible.

You may have as little as 10 days to file a claim.

What kind of lawyer do I need to sue for a personal injury?

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