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How to Get Out of Debt in 2021.

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How to solve your money problems.

Here are the right answers. How to stop collection calls, creditor calls? Realistic answers about your credit rating, money problems, debt problems, financial problems.

What is personal bankruptcy?  What can you keep if bankrupt?

If you came to this page, chances are you know you need financial help already.  You will find realistic answers about  your money and debt problems, financial problems and Personal Bankruptcy options.

An illness, a layoff, divorce, or unexpected bills are just a few reasons why you may be unable to pay your bills on time.  Here is up to date and accurate information on what you should do if you fall behind on your debts

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You cannot run or hide from your debts. You cannot ignore them They will not go away. It is far better to face the music and deal with your problem head on. You will feel better and live better if you do.

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Some 110,000 Canadians declare bankruptcy and get a fresh start and a clean slate every year. Most are glad and relieved they did. The focus of the process is to help you organize your finances and develop new skills. It is not intended to punish an honest individual for their misfortunes or mistakes

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