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Your Local BBB

Better Business Bureau

 Is Just Another Franchise

intended to sell  memberships  Beware

The BBB in Toronto was closed permanently for fraud and deceptive practices

The Toronto BBB Was Permanently Closed Due to Improprieties (frauds) By Three Successive Presidents.

What does that tell you about the BBB?

Beware there are fraud complaints about This Better Business Bureau




COMPLAINTS BEWARE. Business owners nationwide complain about fraud in that the Better Business Bureau BBB is a pay for play scheme. Is this fraud? DO A plus ratings go to those who pay membership fees. Are F ratings used to punish those who don't



  • BEWARE OF THE BBB: There are countless complaints against the BBB filed by others.
  • BBB's are NOT government agencies.
  •  BBB's are not non profit "charities"
  • BBB's are in business to sell advertising and memberships to company owners.
  • They are franchises and they make substantial profits for their owners.
  • The staff who handle complaints are uneducated, unskilled high school grads at best, who are often stupid and gullible enough to work for free.
  • They have no business experience. They have no training. They are there for window dressing.
  • Some are there strictly as telemarketers to sell advertising and memberships
  • Businesses, like CanLaw, which refuse to deal with the BBB or buy memberships are given bad ratings.

Warning posted on CanLaw

"The scandal-plagued Toronto office of the Better Business Bureau closed following a decade of questionable practices and criminal accusations."     Lindsay Royston  Canadian Business magazine

The Toronto BBB was permanently closed down for repeated criminal frauds by the franchise owners.

You can always trust CanLaw Helping Canadians with legal problems since 1996


The Western Ontario London BBB has retaliated by giving CanLaw a bad rating because CanLaw will not deal with them or any BBB. CanLaw does not answer to the BBB.





The Toronto BBB stole $3500.00 from the owner of CanLaw by failing to pay invoices for consulting and advertising service's rendered.



BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUs are very profitable franchises The BBB is not a "non profit, do gooder organization."

A BBB cannot be objective if it is obtaining its income from the companies it "comments on."

CanLaw refuses to deal with or acknowledge the London Western Ontario BBB or any other such organization. In our opinion, they conceal their real purpose... which is to make money from the members. . . the very companies about which consumers are enquiring.

Your local BBB is a franchise run for profit. The people who take and assess complaints generally are minimum wagers or misguided volunteers who have no special skills, no special knowledge or training.

The London Western Ontario BBB ran help wanted ads  for an administrator. The only qualifications required stated in the ad "Grade 12". Do you really think a high school drop out is qualified to assess complaints and deal with corporations?

They are looking for someone like this because they are cheap to employ (minimum wage?) and easy to control.


CanLaw management personally knew and had business dealings with one of the former presidents. He was a cheat and a fraud.

Ads were sold and paid for in a BBB Annual Directory type publication which was never published.

That BBB and the owner, still owes our parent company some $3500.00 for services rendered. So much for the BBB.



Consider this email from a former BBB employee:


" I worked for the BBB.  The President of the company makes well over $150,000 salary, not to mention other income that isn't public information.

They hire anyone and pay the lowest hourly rate they can and treat their employees poorly.


They paid me like everyone else, (draw against commission) to make calls to the members selling online advertising.


I also think it is a rip off on how they call their members (like dialling for dollars) trying to get them to buy online advertising over and over again.


Many, many members complained  over and over again, that they were tired of being called to purchase advertising  space online, even when they told the BBB to put them on their do not call list. The BBB  said call them anyway as they may change their mind,  and buy.


One of their so called on line ads cost is about $4,000,  which my guess goes to pure profit for the BBB.  Where does all that money go? Maybe a nice trip to Hawaii?


 We were all hoping that sooner or later this would all catch up with the BBB's.


The worst job I've ever had.   I would rather have worked for a company washing dishes in a dungeon than work for a company like the BBB that takes advantage of  businesses, people and employee's"

Writer's name with held at her request.


CanLaw has seen help wanted ads for a BBB seeking to hire people with grade 12 and no experience to deal with consumer complaints.


A Very Questionable Past

The Toronto bureau's board approves a $1-million severance cheque for retiring president Paul Tuz, then rehires him shortly after. Adding to that, Tuz expenses the BBB--over $45,000 in two years--for the costs of his other job as an honorary consul representing two African countries, Togo and Mali. Charged with four counts of fraud, Tuz is exonerated in a preliminary hearing.

BBB hired an ex con as a membership salesman, allegedly after finishing a jail term for fraud.

Tom Reid, a communications specialist, is appointed interim president. Reid leaves shortly after, complaining of personal attacks by "the ex con salesrep and his cohorts."

Peter Lalonde takes over as president. During Lalonde's tenure, the debt increases to more than $1.75 million and service standards decline.

 Warren Wall, sitting chairman, is convicted of breaching securities laws. His company, Dual Capital Management, cost investors US$1.5 million.

Canada's oldest bureau is stripped of the right to use the Better Business Bureau name.

Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus issues a warning that former Toronto bureau staff are still soliciting memberships.

The BBB in Toronto was closed permanently for repeated fraud and deceptive practices

No Matter What You Call it

or how you spell it


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  • better.business bureau
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 beware of the bbb

It is NOT what you think


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This page has been posted on the Net for many years now and the BBB has not complained, because they know it is factual.

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