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Where can I file a complaint against a lawyer?


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 Complaint About A NWT Lawyer or Paralegal?

How, Why, Where To Complain.

How to deal with the Law Society of the Northwest Territories and survive.

The Law Society of North West Territories rejects most complaints against NWT lawyersTHE LAW SOCIETY OF THE NORTH WEST TERRITORIES


You are just another non-lawyer and  law societies looks down on non lawyers.

Do not forget this.

Most  NWT lawyers and paralegals are hard working, honest and reliable.

 Unfortunately, there are bad apples who make life difficult for clients and the other lawyers.

The Law Societies do not weed these bad apples out. They protect them from consumer complaints

Complaint about a NWT Lawyer?



Complete and sign the Law Society of the Northwest Territories Complaint form and submit it to the NWT Law Society.


The Law Society is  responsible for the investigation of complaints regarding the conduct of lawyers approved to practice law in the Northwest Territories.

The Law Society cannot pay you money or make a lawyer or paralegal pay you money because of his or her mistake.




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