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Law Societies in Canada

are Unions for Lawyers.

They will seldom do anything to help consumers with legitimate grievances, so beware.

There is a 90% probability that your complaint will be dismissed by the law society.

They exist not for the protection of consumers from lawyers, but for the protection of lawyers from consumers. They represent lawyers, not you.

They will act only in the most extreme cases against incompetent, or dishonest lawyers.

Even then, many disbarred lawyers are quietly reinstated after the dust settles.

Warning: Law Society Referrals Are Not What You Expect:

You generally can only get one lawyer's name from a law society referral and you are stuck with that lawyer.

Lawyers subscribing to law society referrals pay a fee to the law society and when it is their turn they get the next referral. There is no checking of skills, experience or suitability for your case.

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