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The Law Society of Saskatchewan

"Professional Standards: Many of the complaints against lawyers which the Law Society receives do not reveal conduct for which the lawyers can be disciplined but do in fact disclose problems of lack of knowledge of a particular area of law, law office management or client relations.


Professional Standards complaints are initially handled the same way as in discipline.  In fact, it is the Law Society staff that usually makes the initial decision which way to direct the complaints.  The Chair of the Professional Standards Committee can appoint an investigation committee. In this process, law office management reviews are often carried out.  If there is a finding of improper procedures or lack of knowledge a report will be filed recommending that the lawyer undertake certain remedial procedures or courses, or not to practice in certain areas of law.  These remedies are recommended with the consent of the lawyer.  If that consent is not given, the matter may be referred back to the discipline process."

The Law Society of Saskatchewan

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