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It is a waste of time to complain about a lawyer to any law society. The process is for show and nothing will be done.IT IS 90% CERTAIN THAT, IN EFFECT, YOUR COMPLAINT WILL END UP IN THE LAW SOCIETY'S WASTE BASKET


The law societies dismiss about 90% of the complaints they get.

Please contact your local Law Society. Your lawyer complaint must be signed and in writing.

You will be treated as second class. They will prefer the word of the lawyer over yours.

While the law societies are not to be trusted, complaining to them is the only way to get a problem heard. But your chances of an honest and fair hearing are slim and none.

The Law Society is "authorized" to deal with your complaint. They seldom do act. Lawyers get away with outrageous and even criminal conduct. Disbarred lawyers are often reinstated. So what is the use of complaining?

Law societies have a monopoly and supposedly are responsible for "making sure that their members practice law competently and ethically."

Generally the lawyer you are complaining about cannot come after you for complaining to the law society. But do not broadcast your complaint to the world or you will probably face a defamation action.

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