Guide to Family Law and Divorce
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Product description: DO YOU QUALIFY FOR AN UNCONTESTED DIVORCE? Here is what you need to know and do for a cheap, fast, easy divorce IN 60 days
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Guide to Family Law & Divorce

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Both parties should use this kiit to draft and negotiate their  separation proposal


Here is what you need to know and do

for a cheap, fast, easy divorce in 60 days

"No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you'll see why."  - Mignon McLaughlin

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What You Should Know

For An Uncontested Divorce


  • At least one of the spouses must have habitually lived in the province where the action is brought, for at least one full year, prior to the start of your uncontested divorce action.
  • You must be living separate and apart at the time the divorce action is started.
  • You must have lived separate and apart for one full year before the court will grant an order that the parties are divorced.
  • Filing jointly (if possible) is easier, quicker, less adversarial, and less expensive than filing a sole action.
  • You should only begin a joint divorce action if you are confident that you have your spouse's full cooperation.
  • Divorce Actions on the grounds of adultery or cruelty can become very expensive and often take more than a year to resolve.
  • If possible. it is best, faster and much less expensive to file on the ground of a one year separation.
  • You cannot file jointly if your grounds are adultery or cruelty.

How Long Does An

Uncontested Divorce Take?


Divorce actions on the grounds of separation typically take from 2 to 4 months to conclude but it is not necessary to wait until one year of separation to begin the process. You may begin the divorce action once you are separated and a divorce judgment will usually be granted one year after your date of separation.

When selecting a separation date, you can use the date you physically separated or the date you stopped doing things together as spouses - you can be considered separated even if you continue to cohabit for financial or similar reasons.


It will help prove your separation date and save you a fortune in legal fees. Click Here to see the CanLaw Separation Agreement for yourself


You can apply for divorce even before the year is up although the divorce will not become final until the year has expired.

Filing your divorce application early does speed up the process once the year is up.

What You Need For A

Simple Uncontested Divorce


Required Documents:

To get a copy of your marriage or divorce certificate marriage certificate or a copy of the registration of your marriage click here.

A copy of all (if any) Court Orders, Separation Agreements, (Separation agreement kit

Click here Click here to see the CanLaw Separation Agreement) Domestic Contracts and any other written arrangements which pertain to the marriage or any children of the marriage.

If you have only an oral agreement, describe the terms and provide the date of the agreement.

Also please refer to Click here Five Simple Steps To Be Divorced in 60 Days

This will outline the process you must follow to do your own divorce in most area of Canada. It is truly fast, cheap and easy, so long as both parties work together and cooperate with each other. The alternative is to spend thousands on lawyers and court battles to achieve what you could have done for a few hundred.

You Can Easily Do Your Own Legal Separation Agreement.

Each of you than take it to your lawyers to get independent legal advice certificate

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