Guide to Family Law and Divorce
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2 01.00 Men. How to tell if you are an abused husband or man.
Product description: Is your wife abusing you? If your wife slaps you, hits you, pushes or shoves you, that is domestic violence whether or not there is any visible injury.
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Guide to Family Law & Divorce

Custody - Access - Support - Child Support - Property Division - Paternity Testing

Both parties should use this kiit to draft and negotiate their  separation proposal







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Is Any Of These Things Are Happening To You, Call The Police

Women Use False Allegations of Domestic Violence To Win

Custody, Support and The Residence In Divorce

When your ex denies you access to your children that is domestic violence against you. Recognize it and understand that you are being assaulted in this as surely as if she attacked you with a knife.

If your wife slaps you, hits you, pushes or shoves you, that is domestic violence regardless of whether or not there is any visible injury.

If she slaps you, kicks you, throws things at you, that is domestic violence.

If she pours a pot of hot water on you, threatens you with a kitchen knife that is domestic violence,

If she belittles your income, your sexual prowess or calls you names and humiliates you that is domestic violence.

If she locks you out of the house, that is domestic violence.

If she cuts up your clothes, destroys your things, that is domestic violence.

If she mocks and belittles your friends and won't let them come around the house, that is domestic violence

If she complains about your working long hours to pay the bills she runs up, that is domestic violence.

If she complains that you are not working enough to suit her, that is domestic violence.

If she belittles your parenting or domestic skills, that is also domestic violence.

Women are more violent, more abusive and simply much more dangerous then men. The research demonstrates that conclusively and puts the lie to feminist propaganda that men are the dangerous gender. When women attack men, the injuries are usually much more serious then when men attack women. (Please spare us the odd anecdote to the contrary).

It is time we stopped pretending that men are not victims of domestic violence and demand that the courts, the police and the other parties profiting from our abuse acknowledge this reality and fund the search for the fair and equitable solution to domestic violence.

The solution cannot come about until society admits that women are as guilty of domestic violence as they think men are.

If you have been assaulted by your wife, speak up. File criminal charges. Take the children and leave the house or get a restraining order against her.

Women assault more men and inflict more damage then the reverse. You are not alone. Violent women outnumber violent men.

Ironic that lesbian domestic violence is common.

If Your Wife Denies Your Children Access To You, That Is Child Abuse

Think about this: If you watch prime time TV for more then an hour or two on any evening, you will see several instance where women hit men and it is treated as funny. Well, all the women in the world will tell you that hitting is wrong. But they seem to think that it only applies to men. Most women will admit to hitting men, to throwing things and other physical violence. The amazing thing is that women never seem to think that hitting is wrong for them. Typical double standard.

If men are expected to help women with their housework, shouldn't women help men with their factory or office job? Housework is neither difficult, nor demanding, nor onerous. Just dull. It is not worth more then minimum wage and it is no where near a full time job. So stop whining and get on with it.

Just wondering: Women make up only 2% of the Canadian prison population, but constitute about 51% of the population and account for their share of crimes. Men make up 98% of the Canadian prison population, but constitute only 49% of the population. Are women really being given the equality they want?

Women who work outside the home still have a privilege that society does not grant men. Men are expected to work all their lives and support their family.

While women do work outside the home, they still do not have the basic responsibility for support that men do.

Women also have the option of quitting work and staying home scarfing doughnuts and reading movie magazines. Men do not have that privilege. So where it the equality?

Just wondering: Women are responsible for the bulk of child raising, as mothers, as day care workers and as teachers. If men and boys are the monsters feminists say they are, doesn't it seem that the women who raised them, must have made them that way?

In the US, juvenile delinquents and criminals come primarily from single parent ( almost always the mother) homes. Is motherhood, like apple pie, rotten to the core?

Just wondering: The women's shelter movement says that the problem of domestic violence is getting worse. Well, they have had some thirty years of lavish funding and resources to solve the problem.

Clearly they have failed miserably. Is it time to stop funding this losing cause and find something that works? Is it possible that should these women "solve" the problem they would lose their gravy train and so have a vested interest in making the "problem" bigger then it is?

Since these women have been unable to solve this problem maybe we should give men a crack at it.

Just wondering: How is that a women insists only she is able to raise the children, but when she gets custody, she usually dumps them in day care, on relatives and even on strangers? Anything to keep dad from them.

Just wondering: A man who wears women's clothes is called a pervert or a transvestite. A woman who wears a mans clothes is called fashionable.

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