Guide to Family Law and Divorce
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2 01.00 Why Do Men Pay 99% Of All Support Orders? Women Collect
Product description: If you are a man divorcing, you have an automatic obligation pay spousal support. If you are a woman, you have an automatic right to get spousal support.
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Guide to Family Law & Divorce

Custody - Access - Support - Child Support - Property Division - Paternity Testing

Both parties should use this kiit to draft and negotiate their  separation proposal

How Much Support Are Your Required To Pay? How Much Do You Have?


Generally speaking women find divorce

to be very profitable.


Men Pay 99% Of All Support Orders.

Women Collect.

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If you are paying child or spousal support, you will probably be required to obtain life insurance as security for your obligation to pay support even though you are dead.

Child Support

Men in divorce with children can expect to lose custody and to pay support for the rest of their lives and beyond. There is no justice or fairness for fathers in Family Law in Canada or divorce in Alberta, divorce in Quebec or divorce anywhere else.

Women seldom pay support and virtually never lose custody.

A Toronto area father was left with about $2.00 a month after paying child support. He used the money to buy a rope and hanged himself.

How Much Will You Pay?

You can calculate your exact child support. Here is a link to the Click here Canadian Government's official Child Support Calculator.

The official Click here Child Support Guidelines are published tables which set the minimum amount of support you will pay based on your income and the number of children your ex wife has. Courts can, and often do, increase these amounts.

Additional Payments

You will have to pay extra for "special extraordinary expenses." This includes paying for daycare so your ex can hire someone else, rather than you. to raise your kids. It can also include medical expenses and sports or extra curricular expenses. You may also have to pay extra for private schools, and university education. Usually the extra costs are shared by you and the mother based on your incomes.

Paying More Or Less Than The Child Support Guidelines

In rare cases, some men are permitted to pay less than the amount listed in the Child Support Guidelines tables. Don't count on your getting a break.

If you can prove undue hardship you may get a reduction, but it is unlikely.

Children over 18 are expected to contribute towards their keep. This might reduce your payment.

Shared Custody

Where both parties have the child for about the same amount of time, child support might be reduced for the man, but it seldom is.

How Long Will You Pay Child Support?

Child support does not stop when the child reaches 18. Generally you will pay as long as the child is in school. This could mean supporting an adult child in graduate school.

Who Says How The Child Support Money Is Used?

You do not. You have no say whatsoever. You pay the mother and she does not ever have to account for a penny.


Seeing or not seeing your child has no bearing on your child support payments.

If your child is in another country, and you will never know him or her, you still have to pay

Women often deny access out of spite. You still have to pay support even though the mother is breaking the law in denying you your court ordered access. She can deny access orders with impunity forever and the courts will not punish her. If you do not pay child support you can end up in jail, debtors prison, in short order. The Support Police are watching you.



You Pay Child Support Regardless Of Your Relationship With The Mother

It does not matter if you were tricked, seduced, lied to or conned. If you sired the child, you pay and pay and pay. While women have complete control over whether they become mothers, men have no control over paternity other than complete abstinence. You can not opt out of paternity. So much for gender equality.

New Family Obligations

Having a new family and or a new child does not change your child support amount.

What If You Do Not Pay?

If you do not pay your child support, the wrath of the entire sexist, feminist controlled judicial and jail system will come down on you.

You can have your drivers licence revoked even if you drive for a living

You can have your passport cancelled denying your charter right to travel

You can be sentenced to six months in jail and unlike common criminals, you will not get early release or parole or probation. You will serve every single second of your sentence. The only way to get out is to pay whatever child support is supposedly due. This is debtor's prison. The only thing missing so far, is the rack and thumb screws.

And while you are in jail, your child support payments are still due and mounting up.

How Much Spousal Support Will You Pay?

The amount of spousal support is not set in stone like child support. It may be set so that you and your wife each have about the same amount of income regardless of the fact that she has never earned it.

The courts seem to think that women are entitled to stay at the same standard of living as they had when married, even though that standard no longer exists.

In many ways, spousal support smacks of prostitution.

Basically this entitles women to a continuing free ride at the expense of men.

In theory, a judge will review all of the economic factors that affect each party, with particular emphasis on the effect of the marriage and the divorce on the parties' financial circumstances, then try to apportion the family income in a fair way between the spouses.

In reality, women usually win. Men pay.

Since when is housework at minimum wage equal to the work of say a man who earns substantially more?

There were even cases in the UK where sperm donors were ordered to pay child support.

Spousal Support

Also known as spousal maintenance or alimony.

If you are a man divorcing, you have an automatic obligation pay spousal support. If you are a woman, you have an automatic right to get spousal support.

Spousal Support almost always means the man must pay the women support for an indefinite period of time. So much for feminist equality.

The amount and duration of spousal support is not based on tables or a set formula. It is set by the court on a case by case basis.

How Is Support Extortion Determined?

The main factors that the court considers in determining the proper amount of spousal support are:

  • Your gender. Generally only men pay support
  • It almost never happens that the courts see men as economically dependent on their wives
  • Your assets and your spouse's assets
  • Your income and your spouse's income
  • Your health and your spouse's health
  • Your age and your spouse's age
  • The ability of your spouse to become self-sufficient. But she can takes years to do that.
  • The standard of living when you lived with your spouse
  • The contribution your spouse has made to your career
  • The economic hardship suffered by your spouse arising from the marriage. The hardship imposed on men is not a factor.
  • If you are not working, the courts will impute (estimate) your income and base support on what they say you could be earning if working.

How Long Must The Man Pay Spousal Support?

The courts seldom place a time limit on spousal support, especially when there are children involved.

In short term relations where there are no children, spousal support may be time limited

Women are seldom required to seek work or to upgrade their skills in order to get off Spousal Support. Many view this as a cash cow to milk for life

How Can You Change Spousal Support? Review Orders:

Some support orders are conditional. If you or your spouse's financial situation changes materially, you may go back to court to end spousal support or change it to a different amount.

Adulterous Wives

Even adultery by the wife will not prevent her from gouging the husband for spousal support. There are cases in the UK where women got child support from sperm bank donors. Fairness has nothing to do with the law.

Addicted Mothers

Even neglectful, abusive, drug addicted or alcoholic mothers will get custody and support in most cases.


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