Guide to Family Law and Divorce
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Product description: SAVE THOUSANDS ON DIVORCE COSTS Here Are Some Options To Keep Divorce Costs Down.They depend on your keeping things between you and your spouse amicable.
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Guide to Family Law & Divorce

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Both parties should use this kiit to draft and negotiate their  separation proposal



How To Minimize Divorce Costs

Which Can Bankrupt You

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How To Control Your Legal Costs In Divorce


How an Uncontested divorce works Uncontested Divorce in 60 days for $500 Full details. Is this right for you?

If you and your ex can cooperate on terms for your divorce then an uncontested divorce is the smartest option available.

An uncontested divorce can be had in about 60 days and for about $550.00 in court filing fees and another $3 or 400 for an agent or paralegal, possibly less if you can do the work yourself.

Uncontested divorce procedures are designed to be simple and require much less paperwork, fewer court appearances and less time.

Caution: Be very clear on all the costs quoted you in any divorce or other legal action. There can be unquoted "disbursements" or "court fees" Ask before you retain anyone.

Ideally uncontested divorces are for couples who have been married for a relatively short time, have no minor children, and have no substantial real estate assets, joint or separate financial assets.

Even if children or significant assets are involved, if the parties can resolve the key issues themselves they should be able to file for an uncontested divorce.

Here Are Some Options On How To Keep Divorce Costs Down

They depend entirely on your keeping things between you and your spouse amicable. Unfortunately, for women, divorce is usually about getting even.

BEWARE: Click Here To See How Contested Divorces Can Drag On For Years. The Legal Fees Can Easily Bankrupt You

A contested divorce which goes to court can easily cost you $40 or $50,000.

You will not get away with less than a $10,000 legal bill if you need a lawyer in a divorce battle.

A full trial will easily cost you in excess of $50,000.

In Canadian courts, the loser pays court costs and a significant portion (half to two thirds or so) of the legal fees for the winner.

Divorce battles can go on for years. Women never forgive and never forget. They want vengeance at any cost. We will get attacked by women for telling the truth, but we ignore them.


How It Can Help In Controlling Divorce Costs

Mediators are neutral third parties who will help the couple cut through the nonsense and reach an agreement for their divorce. The couple avoids the costs of litigation. The mediator helps the parties communicate amicably and reasonably to reach a fair and equitable arrangement for their divorce and related matters. Be careful about choosing mediators. Double check their qualifications.

Arbitration Is Binding Mediation

It may be used when couples want to agree, but need a little push.

Collaborative Law Saves Money, Avoids Court

Click here: Divorce by collaboration saves money Collaborative Divorce: How To Use Lawyers And Control Costs

Many lawyers now offer collaboration which simply means the lawyers abandon their usual adversarial approach and all parties work together to sort out the problems out of court and without the insanity of law suits, motions, counter motions, threats and counter threats.

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