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Pardon   - Suspension

Canadian Pardon Kit

Record Suspension Kit

Updated March 2018

Do not hire a company to do your pardon application. They are robbing you. Do your own. It is easy, but takes time and leg workThis kit contains all the information you need for applying for a pardon, appropriate forms and simple easy to follow instructions.



Yes, you absolutely should obtain a pardon once you are eligible. It will affect your future jobs, children, travel and credit.

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Last Will & Testament

Canadian Will Kit

Updated March 2018

Protect your family. Legal throughout Canada, this kit is essential for everyone. If you do not have a legal will, your family could suffer unnecessary hardships. A government appointed trustee could step in and administer your estate without regard to your wishes.

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Last Will & Testament Form

Power of Attorney Form

You Need A Valid Durable Power of Attorney At All Times

Updated March 2018

CanLaw's Power of Attorney for Property kit is specially prepared by and for Canadian

The Power of Attorney forms areDurable Power of Attorney forms Sold online for over 20 years with thousands of satisfied customers. Court approved. Lawyer approved simple to understand and use, easy to complete, and legally binding until you revoke it.

CanLaw's Power of Attorney for Property form kit is complete and has everything you need to protect you, and your loved ones, in the event that you are incapacitated. The kit includes all the necessary preprinted forms and easy to follow instructions

What happens if you become incapacitated and can no longer handle your own financial affairs? This kit will protect you and your assets. If you do not have a Durable Power of Attorney for Property, you are courting financial ruin.

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CanLaw's Power of Attorney for Property

Living Will Form aka

Health Care Directive

It's Very Easy to

Make a Living Will

Updated March 2018

A simple living will form is binding on doctors and medical staff. Die with dignity. A living will: Also called an advanced health care directive, is a legal document where you lay out all the specific details of your end of life care.

If you want to die with dignity, you simply must have a living will.

Living Will Forms

A living will is vital today. Do you want to end your life in agony or as a comatose vegetable hooked to a machine even though there is no chance for your recovery? A Living Will is the best way to protect you from "heroic" medical measures meant to prolong life in a brain dead body.

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Bundles  Deals Savings

USA Waiver


USA Waiver Forms Kit

Updated March 2018

Trying to enter the US without a waiver if you need one could easily land you in jail and they may confiscate your vehicle, ban you for lifeBeen arrested, charged or convicted of any crime in Canada? You need a US Waiver to enter the USA legally.

This US Waiver kit is ideal for applying for a US Waiver so you enter the US legally without worry. It contains all the information you need, appropriate forms and simple easy to follow instructions.

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Separation Agreement

Canadian Separation Agreement Kit

Updated March 2018

Choose the best separation agreement forms available. Used by Canadians for over 20 years. No complaints ever.This kit is ideal for dealing with the end of a relationship, whether married, common law, same sex or any other arrangement. Even if you have a lawyer, this kit can save both of you thousands by helping you do the leg work a lawyer would have to do at a lawyer's high rates.

Separation Agreements are formal, legal documents setting out final or temporary (interim) agreement by the parties as to all legal issues arising from their separation including:

  • Arrangements relating to children,
  • Financial support,
  • Settlement of the spouses' property claims, and
  • Possession of the parties' matrimonial home
  • It can also include any other terms or conditions you wish to add.


Save Thousands in Legal Costs

Travel Consent Form




Child abduction is a huge problem Border agents now demand proof that you have permission to take a child abroad.  A Travel Consent Form proves to border and customs authorities and foreign officials that a minor child has consent from BOTH of his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) to travel.

Canadian legal Travel Consent Form Kit

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Shared Parenting Joint Custody

Joint Custody Child Sharing Agreements Certified Legal Forms

Updated March 2018

Who gets the child for Christmas? Whose weekend is it? Thousands of parents use our joint custody forms to nail the details downCanLaw's Shared Parenting Agreement kit guides you through the tough questions and helps you avoid conflicts about visits, report cards, vacations, custody, and all the other things that can come up over the kids.

No need to fight. Use the CanLaw Shared Parenting and Joint Custody kit to work out all the arrangements over your kids before they become a problem.

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CanLaw's Legal Shared Parenting

Joint Custody Agreement . . .

Proof of Divorce $15

Canadian Legal Proof of Divorce


This kit lets you obtain your court issued legal proof of divorce so you can make the same mistake again and marry another timeCanLaw's Divorce Certificate Kit You must have a Divorce Certificate as proof of your Canadian divorce to remarry or divorce again

Only an Official Original Divorce Certificate issued by the court will do

Your divorce forms or divorce papers will not do.


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