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Separation Agreement

Save Thousands in Legal Costs

All you need to prepare your own legal separation agreement before divorce.  No Lawyer Needed. Do it yourselves.

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Separation Agreements are formal, legal documents setting out final or temporary (interim) agreement by the parties as to all legal issues arising from their separation, including:

  • Arrangements relating to children,
  • Financial support,
  • Settlement of the spouses' property claims, and
  • Possession of the parties' matrimonial home
  • It can also include any other terms or conditions you wish to add.




  • Who gets custody of the kids?
  • What access will there be? Where? When?
  • Where do the kids go to school?
  • Church? Summer camp?
  • Who pays how much support to whom?
  • How do you share the family assets?
  • Who pays the family debts?
  • What do you do about pension rights?
  • Who gets the credit card bills?
  • Who gets the house?
  • Who takes the family pets?
  • and a thousand other things to decide

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Legal Separation  Agreement

Our Legal Separation Agreement kit contains everything you need to prepare your own legal separation agreement.

Use this form to draft your agreement on custody, access, support, property and more.

Includes complete, easy to follow instructions, and all the proper legal forms required for ease of preparation.

Save thousands in legal costs.

Even if you have a lawyer, drafting your own separation agreement and having a lawyer review it will save you a great deal of money compared to having a lawyer prepare the separation agreement from scratch. Spend $50 now on drafting your own separation agreement or spend thousands having a lawyer do if for you. Your choice.

Everything you need to protect you assets and rights in the event that you separate.



Keep in mind that both parties should each get independent legal advice. Each party must have their own lawyer provide independent legal advice. If not, the agreement could be overturned if disputed later on. Each lawyer providing Independent legal advice will provide a letter certifying that they have done so which the courts will accept.

 CanLaw's Certified Legal Separation Agreement kit applies to Separations and Divorce everywhere and anywhere in Canada, including divorce or separation in Ontario, Divorce in PEI, Divorce in Quebec, Divorce in British Columbia, Divorce in Alberta, Divorce in Manitoba, Divorce in Nova Scotia, Divorce in Newfoundland Valid in all provinces and territories in Canada

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