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  • How much will child support be?
  • Who gets the kids at Holidays?
  • Who gets the kids this summer?
  • How are the kids doing at school?
  • How will missed visits be made up?
  • What schools should the kids attend?
  • What about spousal support?

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Click to See the Canadian Government Official Child Support Calculator

Child Support Calculator

Children need financial support from their parents – and they have a legal right to it. When parents separate or divorce, they should try to agree on the amount of child support. If they ask a court to decide, the court will use guidelines to determine child support payments. Some child support guidelines fall under federal law, while others are under provincial or territorial law. The guidelines that apply depend on the family's situation.

If you and your partner mostly agree on what you want to happen when you separate, you can put what you've agreed on in a separation agreement.




Yes, you can create your own Shared Parenting, Custody and Access agreement without using an expensive lawyer.

CanLaw's Certified Shared Parenting Agreement is a very simple form.

It covers all the important issues and lets you and your spouse determine what arrangement will work best for you and your children. No lawyer is needed.

Each party should fill out the form as a draft with what they feel is appropriate. Then, either exchange your drafts or sit down and negotiate a fair, equitable middle ground.

Reasonable arrangements can be worked out so both of you are satisfied.

In a worst case situation, if you cannot resolve all the issues, you should easily be able to make a good start towards organizing who has the kids when.

Joint custody (also known as shared custody) does not necessarily mean that the child or children will alternate equal periods of time with each parent.

It is simply a commitment to shared parenting.


CanLaw's Shared Parenting Agreement kit guides you through the tough questions and helps you avoid conflicts about visits, report cards, vacations, custody, and all the other things that can come up over the kids.

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