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Last Will and Testament

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One of the most basic documents in your estate plan is your Last Will and Testament. Without a Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the intestate laws of your domicile province.

Your Last Will should very explicitly describe how you want your estate to be handled and distributed after your death. If you do not have any children or any other relative or friend who you would like to leave your estate, you can pick a charity and leave your estate to one or more non-profit organizations.

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LEGAL LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Wills and Estates planning Write a will

There Is No Excuse for Not Preparing Your Will

Protect your family. Legal throughout Canada, this kit is essential for everyone.

If you do not have a legal will, your family could suffer unnecessary hardships.

A government appointed trustee will step in and administer your estate without regard to your wishes.

Last Will and Testament

Legal Valid and Binding in Canada

Wills and Estates planning? Write your Canadian Legal Last Will and Testament, Court Approved Canadian Legal Will instructions are in plain English. Contains All You Need to make your will How to name an Executor


This Canadian basic will form is essential for everyone. If you do not make a legal will, your family could suffer unnecessary hardships.  It shows you how to write a will and testament

A government appointed trustee could step in and administer your estate without regard to your wishes.

Designate a Guardian for minor children

To provide for the orderly distribution of your property to your spouse, children, designated heirs and special gifts (to charities for example) upon your death.

What about Probate? What is Probate? Do you need to probate a will?

What is an executor? What does an executor do? Do you need to appoint an executor?

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