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Professional Advertising, Web Design. Marketing and Referral Services for Lawyers

LAWYERS: More Reasons to Advertise Your Law Practice on CanLaw

Your CanLaw Ad Will Deliver New Prospects and Bankable Results Right To Your Door




There are hundreds of copy cat sites trying for your ad dollars. First ask them how many visitors come to their site


Google Page Rank Traffic Report

That CanLaw Averages:


  • Daily Unique Visitors: 2,808
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 85,467
  • Yearly Unique Visitors: 1,024,920

No One Else Comes Close to CanLaw Traffic


The average visitor to CanLaw looks at 11 pages and spend 29 minutes on the site. (Source Alexa site rating service). Canadians Trust CanLaw.

When it comes to advertising, traffic is the most important measurement. With about 85,000 visitors a month, CanLaw has more traffic than any other legal site.

Visitors to CanLaw spend an average of 11 minutes on the site and view about 29 pages. There is a vast amount of free information available for consumers on CanLaw which gives them reasons to spend time with CanLaw

Put your law practice in front of CanLaw's 85,000+ visitors each month

CanLaw attracts about 1,000,000 hits each and every month. Over10,000 other web sites voluntarily link to CanLaw.

Viewers who come to the CanLaw site choose to do so and are either seeking legal help or to get a lawyer NOW

CanLaw has been on line for 20+ years. We guarantee referrals for all our lawyers or money refunded. In 20 years not one subscriber has asked for a refund.

Many have offered to pay MORE than we charge because they think we do not charge enough for our service.

If you want to network in Canada, start with CanLaw.

CanLaw clients see detailed information about your services immediately helping them to ascertain that you are the lawyer they need.

Questions can be forwarded and answered by email saving you time and effort in screening out "tire kickers."

CanLaw makes detailed information about your practice, experience and services easily available via cross references in the listing by area, practice, and other related criteria.

 his feature represents a significant marketing advantage for the listing page subscriber over other lawyers who do not have a CanLaw listing page. .

CanLaw publicizes and advertises the site including your page at no cost to you. Quality referrals can pay bills

CanLaw Advertising, Marketing and Referral Services for Canadian Lawyers. How To Build

Your Law Practice With CanLaw



We have over thirty years experience in national and international advertising and promotion.

PLUS 20 years of running CanLaw online.

Remember, the only thing more expensive than hiring an expert, is hiring an amateur.

We will build your law practice using the professional advertising and marketing techniques we have used promoting consumer goods and services in all media.


Because we know advertising, the law, lawyers and most importantly what clients want from their lawyer your law practice will get better results from CanLaw than any of those copy cat web sites that have sprung up.  They have no traffic to speak of and an ad on those sites is a waste of money.


We talk to clients in their language and design your ad to meet their needs. Canadians know and trust CanLaw

With CanLaw you are always viewable by all comers.

Only CanLaw is designed to make it easy for CanLaw clients, both individuals and businesses to find you, review your offerings and reach you.

CanLaw clients searching for a lawyer do not need to know your name or your web site address.

They can easily find you just by browsing the CanLaw site.

Your CanLaw ad includes a link to your web site at no charge.



CanLaw is better and fairer then law society phone in services. All prospective CanLaw clients can see your CanLaw listing and qualifications online at any time they wish.

Law Society phone request referrals do not permit clients to review your qualifications and services. If you are next in line for a given type of referral you get it. Then you go back to the bottom of the list.

You are required to give that person a free half hour and then report the outcome in writing to the law society, (maybe not all, but most law societies including LSUC do this)

CanLaw is much more effective for both you and clients than the cumbersome phone in law society referral services.


As you know most law societies simply give a client the name of the next semi-suitable lawyer on the list. CanLaw sends a steady flow of client deferrals to you, so you can cherry pick the best prospects.

CanLaw Is Designed So Clients Seeking a Lawyer Can Find You Quickly and Easily


Your ad is cross referenced by geographic area, fields of practice and other values.


Your ad is also accessible through our own on site

search engine.


Clients can scan through our search engine listings and quickly and easily contact you.


We will properly reflect your professional presentation,

reputation and image.


Putting your law practice on CanLaw will get you

widespread recognition, new paying clients and establish you as a modern, up to date professional. It is also an excellent way to get your firm on the web.

An ad on CanLaw will also boost the rankings of your own web site substantially.

More Reasons to

Advertise Your Practice on CanLaw

  • Attract new clients, local, national and even world wide
  • Expand your potential client market
  • Grow your practice faster and more effectively
  • Communicate with other lawyers who may refer clients to you
  • Provide legal information to current and potential clients
  • Level the playing field against large firms
  • Project a professional image authority and expertise
  • Establish your background, credentials and experience and how it will benefit your clients
  • Increased and enhanced credibility and accessibility
  • Promote and increase traffic to your own web site
  • Look substantial, well established and reliable, competent and accessible as well as informative
  • CanLaw's Referral Services, Advertising and Marketing for Canadian Lawyers
  • More files, More Clients, We Will Help You Build a Thriving Practice.
  • You get TWO sources of clients for one low price.
  • You get clients directly from your ad on CanLaw
  • You get clients from CanLaw's Lawyer Referral Service.
  • CANLAW processes over fifteen thousand requests for lawyers annually.

LAWYERS Your CanLaw Ad Will Deliver New Prospects and Bankable Results Right To Your Door CanLaw knows advertising, the law, lawyers and what clients want from a lawyer. Simply put, you will get better results from CanLaw than any of those copy cat web sites.

The Average CanLaw Lawyer

Subscribes to CanLaw

for 5 years.

We have some lawyers who have been with CanLaw for over 15 years

Professional Advertising, Marketing and Referral Services Web Design for Lawyers

 CanLaw Delivers a Steady Trickle of New Client Billings

Referrals Guaranteed or Money Refunded

Advertise your law practice  CanLaw Will Help You Make A Name For Yourself

CanLaw Rates Are Subject to Change At Any Time. Existing subscriptions will be honoured at the contracted price for the current term.