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Canadian legal information in plain English organized by type of law  for real people so you can understand what your lawyer is telling you.

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Canadian legal information organized by type of law in plain English for real people so you can understand what your lawyer is telling you.


 CanLaw helps people just like you find real solutions for real problems including family law, criminal law, fast cheap divorce, legal aid, pro bono,DUI, malpractice, employment law and more. No Charge, No Obligation


Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Will

Separation Agreement, Joint Custody Agreement, Proof of Divorce Travel Consent

US Waiver,  Pardon/Record Suspension

CanLaw offers you several certified Legal Forms Kits especially designed and prepared for the use of ordinary people without the assistance of a lawyer.

Only CanLaw kits include everything you need, preprinted legal forms, instructions and tips for handling these very important, legal matters in your day to day life.


Ask CanLaw to find you a good lawyer.


Count on CanLaw's Canada wide confidential lawyer referral service.


CanLaw will assist you or anyone, or any business, anywhere in the world seeking a lawyer or legal assistance anywhere in Canada.

  • Your Guide to Canadian Law


Separation for one year is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to get your divorce.


Yes, you can get divorced in about 60 days if uncontested.

  • Criminal Charges
  • Criminal Charges?
  • The police, the crown and the court are against you.
  • You need a good lawyer.
  • Been Charged with a Crime?
  • What to expect in the Criminal  Process
  • Lay Person's Guide To The Criminal Prosecution Process.
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Questions about emigrating and settling in Canada? Be very careful about immigration consultants. There are many frauds out there who exploit immigrants and steal their money

Register or Incorporate Your Business Online NUANS searches, Incorporation guide. Which is right for you?

Beware of the Law Societies. They are not there to help you. They are there to protect lawyers.

The steps you must follow to sue someone in Small Claims court anywhere in Canada.

How to represent yourself, sue someone, win and collect your judgment.

It takes time and you must be thorough and organized.

New Service for those needing Real Estate lawyers and related help

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Beware of the crooks  peddling Prepaid Legal. It is an MLM scam. Do not pay them for services that most lawyers provide free of charge

Mediators are usually social workers, lawyers, psychologists, or other professionals Mediation is a way to resolve legal disputes together without going to court.

  • About Process Servers

Why You Will Need A Process Server.

All courts require a sworn affidavit of service as proof that you served all the required legal or court documents.  No exceptions.

A process server can serve your claims and provide a legal proof of service affidavit recognized in any court in Canada.

Legal Aid offers different kinds of help, depending on your legal problem. You may need a lawyer to go to court with you, or you may just need some advice or some assistance with court documents.


The common complaint is that the poor get legal aid, the middle class make to much to qualify for legal aid and the rich don't care.

Fight that ticket: CanLaw legal experts can help you save points and maybe even some cash

No matter if your case is family law, criminal law, DUI, Malpractice, Employment law problem CanLaw lawyers can help.

Canadian legal information organized by type of law in plain English for real people. CanLaw helps people just like you find real solutions for real problems including family divorce law, criminal law, DUI, Malpractice, Employment law and more No Charge, No Obligation

Explains the types of law, your rights in plain English

CanLaw is the national lawyer referral service for those requiring  lawyers or legal assistance or related services for any reason whatsoever, anywhere in Canada

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