How to Incorporate or Register Your Business


How to incorporate or register your company anywhere in Canada
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How To Register Your Business

The Basic Steps

Registration of a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

  1. Select Your Business Structure.
  2. Create a Business Name.
  3. Determine Availability of Your Business Name Through the NUANS Service.
  4. Register Your Business Name.
  5. Register for Permits, Licences and Taxes.
  6. Complete a Partnership Agreement (optional)
  7. Open a Bank Account.
  8. Start Your Business.

There Are Basically Two Types

Of Business Setup In Canada

1. Registration



You Must Either "Register" or "Incorporate" Your Business. It is the law.

Ask An Incorporation  Lawyer

Incorporation is easy. or register your partnership or sole proprietorship

How To Incorporate Your Business

The Basic Steps

  1. Select Corporate Jurisdiction: Generally this will be your home province.
  2. Create a name for your company.
  3. See if your company name is available using NUANS. NUANS keeps a database of all registered company names. You order a search to see if your proposed name is taken. If not, you may register the name for your company.
  4. Prepare the Articles of Incorporation
  5. Submit & Register Articles of Incorporation
  6. Obtain permits & licenses e.g. Sales taxes and vendors permits: Note that if your sales will be under $30,000  you do not need to register for, collect or pay GST or HST on your sales.
  7. Optional: Purchase Corporate Seal & Minute Book: For a small business these items look pretty on your bookshelf, but really do nothing.
  8. Set Up Bank Account
  9. You are done. Start Your Business!
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