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Separation Agreements

Whenever possible, reaching an out of court settlement is cost effective and far less emotionally traumatic to the parties and their children.

A Separation Agreement may be used to resolve some issues or all issues in your matter.

Mr. Doe  has extensive experience in drafting full and comprehensive Separation Agreements that address all issues arising out of the breakdown of the relationship.

 We strive to prepare an Agreement that will allow for a dignified resolution with no ambiguity.

An agreement out of court allows for greater flexibility and outside of the box solutions.

We strongly urge both parties to make efforts to enter into an amicable out of court resolution.

These are important decisions.  You should put your family first

during a divorce or family dispute

Child Support

In determining the amount of child support that should be paid, the courts will consider the income of the parent paying support, together with the number of children.

The Child Support Guidelines list the monthly amounts payable based on the income and number of children that payer has.

The income of the recipient is only required when special and/or extraordinary expenses are being sought.

The Guidelines are more complicated than they appear, and we will help you navigate the complex factors and make sure that the amount you pay or receive is fair in all the circumstances.

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