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The law societies consider you and your complaints to be a nuisance, nothing more.

Be Careful When Dealing With

The Law Society of Alberta

95%+ of all complaints to the Alberta Law Society will be dismissed.

If you are a "non-lawyer" you will be treated badly.


The Law Society of Alberta  says it is "A self governing body, acting as a regulator, to set the standards for Alberta lawyers. Includes news, and services for lawyers and for the public"


Do not trust or believe any Law Society

Find Alberta Lawyers?

Avoid Law Society Referral Services. Choose CanLaw Lawyer Referral Services over the Law Society of Alberta lawyer referral services.


The Law Society of Alberta will probably reject your complaint out of hand. You are not a lawyer.

Law Society referrals are based on a bored, underpaid, under trained telephone, clerk asking you where you want a lawyer. She then looks at her list and takes the name of the next lawyer whose turn has come up.

There is no checking of skills, suitability or experience. Lawyers using law societies referrals pay a fee and when it is their turn they get the referral. The system stinks.

Questions to ask of both the Law Society of Alberta and the lawyer before you retain any Alberta lawyer.

  • Check that s/he is in good standing with The Law Society of Alberta.
  • Ask when s/he was admitted to the Bar. (This will tell you how long they have been in practice.)
  • Ask if s/he specializes in the area of law you in which you require assistance.
  • What specialist training or  certification does s/he have?
  • Ask how many similar cases s/he has handled? How many were won.
  • Ask if s/he has ever been disbarred, suspended, or disciplined by any Law Society anywhere.
  • Ask if s/he has been the subject of fee reviews.
  • Ask if any complaints have been made against her regardless of the outcome to the Law Society.



Lists 72000 lawyers across Canada including judges, crowns and in-house counsel.

Most Alberta lawyers are hard working, honest and reliable.

 Unfortunately, there are bad apples who make life difficult for clients and the other lawyers.

The Law Societies do not weed these bad apples out. They protect them from consumer complaints

Lawyers Protecting Lawyers

The Law Society of Alberta governs in its own interest by maintaining and strengthening an independent legal profession. It protects lawyers from the public

All Law Societies are basically very powerful unions for lawyers and treat the public with disdain and contempt.

Review  the Law Society of Alberta Notices of Suspensions and Disbarments

What is the point of disbarring a lawyer if he or she is quietly reinstated down the road? It happens often.  Do not trust the Law Society of Alberta

Generally law society hearings are a white wash and a sham. Do not believe the Law Society of Alberta

The Law Society of Alberta claims it serves the public interest by promoting and ensuring high standards of ethics and competence on the part of all those seeking admission to and practising law in Alberta. Do not trust the Law Society of Alberta

To do so, the Law Society of Alberta claims it sets and enforces standards of conduct through a clear and comprehensive Code of Conduct, and a timely, fair and transparent discipline process. Do not believe the Law Society of Alberta

As the regulatory body of Alberta lawyers, the Law Society of Alberta is authorized under the Legal Profession Act to post hearing reports regarding suspensions, disbarments, and other disciplinary action. Do not believe the Law Society of Alberta. It is a monopoly dedicated to protecting its members.

Law societies are designed to protect lawyers and have contempt for non lawyers



However, if your complaint is frivolous and without merit, it should and will be dismissed Most complaints are frivolous.

Regardless, complaints should be filed on the slight chance that they will have an impact.


There are about 6,100 practicing lawyer/members of the Alberta Law Society. Complaints run about 3500 a year. Of these about 3000 complaints were rejected out of hand. On average the Alberta Law Society conducts a formal review in about 500 complaints abut only about 50 will ever, according to the Alberta Law Society, ever warrant an investigationComplaining to lawyers about other lawyers is waste of time

How can so many clients be so wrong?

Most Law Societies will not tell you if they have complaints against a lawyer unless s/he has been "convicted" in an internal discipline hearing. However, of all the complaints received only about ten percent will ever get as far as a discipline hearing in Alberta. The rest will be dismissed or closed at the preliminary stages


Complaint Information from the Law Society of Alberta


Law Society of Alberta

       Suite 600

       919 - 11th Avenue S. W.

       Calgary, AB T2R 1P3

       Or call a Complaints Officer at

       (403) 229-4724 in Calgary or at

       (780) 429-3343 (Edmonton)


      For complaints about lawyers in Red Deer or north of Red Deer,

      Tel: (780) 429-3343

      Toll free: 1-800-272-8839

      Fax: (780) 424-1620


      For complaints about lawyers south of Red Deer,

      Tel: (403) 229-4799

      Toll free:  1-800-661-9003 (ext. 4799)

      Fax: (403) 228-1728

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Asking a law society to help is like asking a snake not to bite you.

We are NOT lawyers. We caution all consumers to be very careful in dealing with any Law Society since they represent lawyers only. They do not represent you the client.  CanLaw provides legal information and resources. CanLaw never provides legal advice.