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  •  I just wanted to send you some feedback re your website, because I am so impressed with the amount of relevant info I acquired from checking it out!  I am not very "finance-savvy", to say the least, but your website is so informative, that even I have picked up a thing or two. It is so easy to navigate & understand the info, and the links are fantastic. Thanks to your folks at CanLaw  From Gazer, Liz
  •  Just wanted to say that I love your lawyer website and to keep it up. The effects on men have been devastating.  Family laws have reached absurdities no one could ever imagine.  Thank you for exposing the obvious that all others are so afraid of or indoctrinated to. From Mike J
  • Thank you very much for putting together such an informative and resourceful Canadian legal site! You have answered and helped me tremendously in the little time I visited your site! I'll certainly be passing along the word to many of my friends and colleagues. Keep up the excellent work! L..K. L.
  • Your site reads as to the truth of how it really is, so glad to come across this site with a wealth of information and help. I am going through the process of battling to be an equal parent and having the mother be responsible for more than just taking my money.    What a great moral support it is to read your words and have access to the information you provide. Keep it up, we all appreciate your efforts! PS: would love to be able to offer my help in some shape or form
  • I never thought of lawyers as being so funny and creative. This site is great. There ain't too many holy cows, or icons of any other stripe or persuasion who'd dare stick their neck out too far. Your biting wit, most refreshing
  • I will continue to use your services and would definitely recommend it. From Seema J
  •  I just want to thank you for having enabled Canadians at large to easily communicate our views to those who purport to represent us in Ottawa.
  • Since our federal government is remarkably insulated from daily reality and appears to prefer it that way, tools such as those that you have provided in your website enable us to encroach constructively on our MPs with the aim of having them serve Canada for at least some of the time that they would otherwise continue serving only themselves.  Thank you, and keep up the great work. From David C
  • Went looking for a lawyer and got carried away by the setup, the layout. Then again you guys do make bags full of money, too. And it shows! Excellent. Marvelous, simply marvelous. From P L J



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 When you need a Lawyer or legal help anywhere in Canada for any reason,

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