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Product description: Review: Excellent web master to work with. Professional, Friendly and Easy to communicate. Quick payments. Love to work with him again.

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Review: Absolute pleasure working with JKI, super-quick communication, and appreciates good work. Would love to work again and again on his projects :)


Project: Copy help wanted ads

Review: Nice web master. Very prompt in payment with work bonus. Thanks and highly recommended web master. Modify Download page


Review: Great experience. Would like to work on his projects again. Thanks JKI!


Project: Dmitri special project

Review: Clear specifications and prompt payment. Excellent web master! I'm always open to his projects.


Project: Protect form from hackers

Review: great web master to work with. was concise about what was needed and prompt with payment. would definitely work with again


Project: Referral Database for lawyers

Review: The first thing you notice on Kirby is how polite he is. He was very responsive to my emails, gave clear instructions on what he wanted and how he wanted it. He is VERY rewarding and definitely one of the best web masters to work for. I look forward to working for him again in his future projects. THANK YOU KIRBY!!!



Project: Install php MyAdmin

Review: Excellent Web master. Excellent Communication, Very Friendly, Co-operative and does super fast payment (plus bonus too). Highly Recommended. I enjoyed working with him, and hope to work for him again. Thank you Kirby.


Project: Capitlalization project

Review: Nice person to work with


Project: City name in subject of emails

Review: Nice web master to work with. Although I did a simple mistake.


Project: Create forms for 100 cities

Review: Mr. Inwood is very knowledgeable in all areas. Recommended!


Project: captcha box for htm pages

Review: Really a good web master. He has the exact idea on the requirement. Good Payment and communication too. I will eagerly wait for the next job. Highly recommended.



Project:  Merge Purge data

Review: Excellent buyer. Clearly defined project, constant communication, quick payment (including escrow). It was my pleasure to work for you, Kirby.



Project: Banner Rotator JS Fix Review: Very friendly web master and prompt payor. I wish we will work with him in the future.


Project: Data Mining

Review: Clear instructions, fast communication, quick payment. I would like to work for him again and again.


Project: insert a column in html table  Review: Good web master. Fast payments. Knows exactly what he needs. True professional. Would definitely like to work with him again! :)-}


Project: Improve Look of Form

Review: Straight-forward trade, completed the deal promptly, was understanding and paid upon completion


Project: Fix htm order form

Review: It's nice to work with jki, clear requirements and fast payment! Hope that I will have chances to work with him again!


Project: Add calculator to htm form

Review: Great Experience.    Payment have done promptly


Project: JS form not working in IE

Review: Excellent Buyer. Good communication and instant payment. Recommended +++


Project: Form fix simple two minutes

Review: Excellent buyer. Really quick payment. Thank you very much. Highly recommended


Project: Database of legal experts

Review: Perfect and good web master, love to work with again really,, 10/10


Project: ParaLegalAdvice Help Wanted

Review: He was excellent to work with - knew what he wanted and paid very well. I will work with him any day!


Project: Post ads and get email address  Review: It was a pleasure working with this web master. .Provided me the technical support through out the project. Looking forward for working with him in future projects.


Project: Help Debug Order form

Review: Excellent web master to work with. Professional, Friendly and Easy to communicate. Quick payments. Love to work with him again.


Project: data mining

Review: Excellent web master! Very good communication and fast payment! Would like to work with jki again without a second thought. Highly recommended!


Project: Paralegal Referral Database Review: Excellent Web master, give him A++++++++++ for his ability to explain all work details, really great communications and bonus for great work, very honest Web master work for him in other projects. Excellent.    :)



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All of the testimonials on CanLaw are unsolicited and voluntary.


All of the testimonials on CanLaw are unsolicited and voluntary.
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