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  • LAWYER L N: This is a very valuable service that you have provided.  I found the information to be quite useful and very well organized; I like how you presented the information in such a straight forward and easy to read manner.  I expect that you should pick up some decent business from this.  Keep up the good work.
  • LAWYER G C: By the way, I suppose you saw the Toronto Star article yesterday, "Victim is sued for support". If not, have a look and get sick to your stomach.  Frankly, I believe there has to be a way to defeat that lady's spousal support claim.  Had she killed him, would she have been able to claim the insurance proceeds?  Of course not.  It goes on and on .     As someone said - don't be afraid to ask for justice - you just might get it.  Take care.
  • LAWYER K S: As a  lawyer, I have to say that you guys really have your heads on straight. I remember some of the guys I used to work with and let me tell you, they were not even half the legal minds you guys are. Keep up the good work,
  •  LAWYER C S : If I can be of any assistance to you please do not hesitate to write to me.


 As a subscriber to CanLaw we receive lots of referrals through their service. This generates lots of income for us. M. R. B.


  •  LAWYER M. J: Although we've only got a few actual clients from your service, the clients we have obtained have been really good.
  • One was located just down the street - and found us on the world wide web!
  • Your rates do appear to be low, so an increase of the magnitude suggested is probably not unjustified.
  • LAWYER A Z : We are customers of CanLaw.  My law firm is one of those who have opted to receive e-mails from them.  We are lawyers as are the vast majority of their subscribers.
  • LAWYER J O : I do not receive spam from CanLaw.  I subscribed to a referral service for potential clients and am extremely happy and satisfied with the referrals and messages received.
  • LAWYER D B : I sure appreciate your service greatly as do my partners. However, you should STILL get paid what is fair for an excellent service. I'm sure that those of us who appreciate what you're doing to help us out  Thanks

CanLaw is much better than any Law Society Lawyer Referral Service

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