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Product description: All these terms and conditions apply to all lawyers, users, visitors, advertisers and subscribers of any CanLaw web sites, services or products.

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CanLaw terms and conditions of service apply to everyone using this site.

Play Fair With CanLaw and CanLaw Will

Play Fair With You.


  • CanLaw will always send you at least three (usually faxed) membership invoices, in the month prior to your renewal date, notifying you that your renewal date is approaching. Do not ignore these reminders.
  • Late payments are subject to late fees as established by CanLaw,
  • Renewals are automatic until cancelled in writing by fax or ordinary mail by the client no later than the last day of your current term.
  • CanLaw Inc. retains the right to accept or reject the listing of any lawyer, or any other individual or company for any or no reason, at any time.
  • CanLaw referrals are and forever remain the property of CanLaw Inc.
  • If due to oversight or any error on our part, CanLaw fails to invoice you for your renewal this does not create a cancellation and when the oversight is discovered and we invoice you, you agree to pay promptly.

All these terms and conditions apply to all lawyers, users, visitors, advertisers and subscribers of any CanLaw web sites, services or products.



YOU MUST NOT SHARE REFERRALS WITH ANY OTHER ENTITY EVER . If you do, you are liable for the full annual fees for each individual with whom you shared referrals and agree to pay such fees on demand without dispute. If you violate our terms by sharing referrals with others, you agree to pay the current regular annual subscription fee in full for each and every lawyer and paralegal in your law firm without dispute forthwith.  Sending referrals to non subscribers is theft and will be dealt with to the fullest extent of civil and criminal law.




All subscriptions, ads and referral services continue until cancelled and will automatically incur recurring charges on the first day of each new period, unless the subscription is cancelled prior to the renewal date.


Cancellations MUST be by a signed fax to 519-439-3653

 or mailed document. Email cancellations are NOT accepted.

All ads, listings and subscriptions run until cancelled by the actual subscriber/advertiser prior to the renewal date


Cancellations by email or phone are NOT accepted since we require an original signature from the actual subscriber for our records.

Cancellations must be received at CanLaw's offices no later than the last day of your current term.

Email CanLaw for our contact information or fax number. They are not posted here due to abuse.

These terms govern all transactions and dealings with CanLaw Inc.    We do not print or otherwise provide copies of these terms on renewal forms, invoices or similar documents.


These terms of service include the right to terminate any subscriber at any time who we deem in violation of any of these terms and conditions.



You agree to pay all renewal or subscription or advertising or other ongoing charges when due.



If an account is past due, CanLaw may suspend service pending payment. The clock keeps running while an account is suspended.


CanLaw may impose late payment charges of $25 per week, where necessary to encourage slow payers and you agree to pay such fees as assessed in full. The amount of such fees may change without notice at any time.

All collection costs will be charged back to the debtor including opportunity costs at $75 a half hour or part thereof and costs doing the work a lawyer would normally do. The current rate for each is $75 a half hour or part thereof and subject to change without notice.

The time spent sending collection notices, past due invoices  as well as emails, phone calls and similar efforts expended in collecting past due accounts will also be charged at $75 a half hour or part thereof.

 All CanLaw ads, subscriptions and referrals services are based on your fully paid, up to date membership.

In the event of a dishonoured payment for any reason, the balance of the contract is due at once.






Subscribers and all other users of this site or the connected services hereby waive forever any right to file civil legal action or law suits against, and/or the corporation CanLaw Inc. and/or the owner personally, or directors or agents or employees or any other person or entity regardless of the cause or problem, real or imagined.

CanLaw Inc. reserves the right to take any course of action, including litigation where in its sole opinion such action is appropriate in the circumstances.


All subscribers and users of this service and site agree to resolve any dispute with us for any reason by way of mediation and/or arbitration held only in London, Ontario, only using London Ontario mediators and or arbitrators. All matters shall be conducted in the English language.

Notwithstanding you agree that all litigation will be conducted in London, Ontario courts and nowhere else.

Notwithstanding where necessary you agree that all litigation will be conducted in London Small Claims court or in the Superior Court of Justice London, Ontario courts and nowhere else. You agree that all of these terms and conditions shall be governed and construed by the laws of the province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein. In the event of any dispute, choice of law is always to be Ontario Canada.


It is the spirit as well as the letter of these terms which are to be honoured in all matters.

This notice is intended to protect all our rights and not to inadvertently exclude or except any.

No Waiver of any terms or conditions All rights reserved

CanLaw's failure to enforce the strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of CanLaw's right to subsequently enforce such provisions or any other provisions of this Agreement. No waiver of any provision of this Agreement shall be effective unless in writing in advance.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.


These terms cover all disagreements and disputes between CanLaw Inc. and all others including but not limited to and/or the corporation CanLaw Inc. and/or the owner personally, or directors or agents or employees or any other person or entity, arising in relation to any subscription agreement or referral services provided and/or any other agreement, to all referral users, all site visitors and all clients or subscribers and all users of this website


CanLaw does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any information, accurate or not, contained herein or your use of this web site or your subscribing to CanLaw referrals or adverting on or any of its other web sites, for any cause whatsoever.

CanLaw and and CanLaw Inc. where ever used in these terms, means and included any and all persons and entities connected to,and/or the corporation CanLaw Inc., directly or indirectly  including but not limited to the owner personally, or directors or agents or employees or any other person or entity.



In the event you violate the terms and conditions, or try to cancel early, or file a chargeback, or fail to make payments when due, the entire balance owing of the contract is due and payable when your violation becomes known to CanLaw.



Links to this CanLaw Inc. web site may be established without permission.


All contents on this CanLaw Inc. and all CanLaw Inc. web sites are copyright and may not be reproduced without prior written authorization.


Reproduction for commercial purposes is not permitted.

Plagiarism will result in litigation.

Referrals are for the use only of the individual who has purchased them and are not to be shared with or access given to any other individuals or firms.

You may not give, show, share, lend, copy or distribute any referral to anyone else no matter who they are.

Where abuse of our service has been established in our sole and final judgment, all violator accounts will be terminated at once and no refund will be made and any and all appropriate action will be taken to protect our rights and interests. Civil action may follow if we deem it appropriate.


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