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  • ​Lawyer CS "Steady stream of referrals, you're site's a winner: Thanks for everything!
  • Lawyer ND: "I really enjoy working with you. Could please let me know whether it is possible to set up a more close connections with your referral website."LAWYER DR: "Your customer service is approaching impeccable.  I have been receiving your referrals.  I have only good things to say about your service.  I also referred ES, a family lawyer to you . you may wish to contact her directly."
  • LAWYER C. P: "Kirby, Now that I have my own website, I can fully appreciate the brilliant manner in which you have set up CanLaw.  Just to manage that volume  of information is an amazing feat in itself."
  • LAWYER M S: "I completely agree, Kirby.    . . If other lawyers want to receive referrals, then they can subscribe to CanLaw like the rest of us. It is well worth the cost. Keep up the good work."
  • LAWYER D. J. B:  "I have accepted a nomination to run in the LSUC spring election as a candidate for Bencher and I would like your help."
  • LAWYER M. Z. R: "You’re right to be fed up.  Your fees are too low.  My suggestion is double your fees.  I am willing to send you $150.00 for the rest of the period of my current listing/subscription/service on CanLaw.  I think this represents double your current fees.  So there!"
  • LAWYER J. S. L: "I believe your service is excellent for new lawyers to help establish a practice and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to younger practitioners and newly established practices."
  •  LAWYER: B. B. "The service you provide is greatly appreciated by most of us and I'm sure, most of the people who use it  to find a lawyer.
  • There will always be a certain number of flakes out there who will abuse your service because they think they can get what they need over the Internet without having to pay for it.
  • However, from what I have been able to see, most of your clients are in real need of a lawyer and are willing to pay.
  • I think you should be proud of the service you provide and ignore the jerks."

The testimonials below are entirely voluntary and from real lawyers who are clients of CanLaw.

They are unsolicited and represent a tiny fraction of the positive feedback received by CanLaw.

We have removed their names to protect privacy.

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  • LAWYER: Finally I have achieved a new level of legal practice.  In no time, I have 3 clients from my listing on your service. Thank you. From K.G.L
  •  LAWYER G. A. S: "Of course for CanLaw Lawyer Referral service I have no difficulty whatsoever either assisting you in your website or paying additional monies."
  • "Thank you very much for sending us the  copies of the Directory of Canadian Lawyers. This is a very helpful resource and we are grateful to you for thinking of this organization." Best wishes, D. M. Canadian Civil Liberties
  • LAWYER C. B: "Glad to see Kirby has bounced right back, and how ironic to be running a law site."
  • LAWYER G. B: "Today by fax I received your 10 day notice to renew. I will be dealing with this today and putting the cheque in the mail. I am very pleased with service and want it to continue."
  •   LAWYER G. C. C: "Good Morning Kirby I spent some considerable amount of time at your site.  I had not visited for some time.  I have to say it Kirby I was quite impressed!
  • Your site contains a virtual treasure trove of resources for both the lay person and lawyer. I found a lot of information that I will be able to use in my upcoming talk and paper at the CBA National Family Law Program where I will be presenting on "Gender Bias - Where Are We?""
  •  LAWYER L. M: "This is a wonderful service that you provide to both lawyers and the public. Keep up the good work! "
  • LAWYER A. D: "Thank you again, it's been very refreshing to follow your progress and I wish you continued success."

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