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Where To Find

Small Claims Court Forms

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  •    Alberta Small Claims Court Forms


    Alberta Small Claims Court forms


    Alberta Civil Court hears all civil claims, subject to Provincial Statutory restrictions.   The court is limited to claims of less than $50,000 subject to some  restrictions.

  •     Manitoba Small Claims Court Forms

    Forms for the Manitoba Small Claims Court


    he Small Claims Court is a way to settle monetary disputes that do not exceed $10.000. Forms can be filled out on-line


  •     BC Small Claims Court Forms


    Court Forms for

    BC Small Claims Court


    You can fill out and file your claim on line.

    The Filing Assistant provides a convenient means of completing Small Claims Court forms online. Once you have completed the desired form it may be printed and submitted in person or by mail.

    The current limit is $25,000 in BC Small Claims Court.

  •     Ontario Small Claims Court Forms

     Ontario Small Claims Court Forms


    The maximum limit in Ontario is $25,000.00 Forms are available in both Word and PDF formats and are free of charge.


  •     Quebec Small Claims Court Forms


    Quebec Small Claims forms are here


    The Small Claims Division hears disputes involving sums of money as well as other cases undertaken to cancel or terminate a contract, when the object of the contract and the sum claimed do not exceed $7,000 each. This is a division of the Court of Qu├ębec where people act on their own behalf, without a lawyer.

  •     New Brunswick Small Claims Court Forms

    NB Small Claims Court Forms


    Limit is now $30,000.00 What is a small claim? It is a claim made through the court for money or personal property you believe someone owes you. A small claim can be for debt, damage, or personal property valued up to $12,500. You can claim interest as long as the interest and the claim is not more than $30,000.00

  •     Newfoundland Small Claims Court Forms

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    Small Claims Court Forms


    Forms can be e filed or printed  Maximum claim is $25,000.00 plus costs.

  •     Nova Scotia Small Claims Court Forms

    Nova Scotia Small Claims Court Forms

     File claims up to $25,000.00

    The Small Claims Court provides a quick, informal and cost-effective method for deciding claims up to $25,000 (not including interest). It is not necessary for the person making the claim (claimant) and the person whom the claim is against (defendant) to have lawyer

  •     NWT Small Claims Court Forms


    Northwest Territories

    Small Claims Forms


    $36,000. limit. You may have to phone to locate the forms. They are not listed on their web site. toll free: 1-866-822-5864

  •     PEI Small Claims Court Forms

    Prince Edward Island

    Small Claims Forms


    Current limit is just $8000.00 Pretty small potatoes, we think.

  •     Saskatchewan Small Claims Court Forms

    Saskatchewan Small Claims Forms


    Only certain types of claims can be dealt with in Small Claims Court and the value of the claim must not exceed $20,000 dollars.


  •     Nunavut Small Claims Court Forms

    Nunavut courts are unified. There is no separate small claims court yet.


    Phone them at 1-866-286-0546 toll free to get Small Claims Court forms and limits

 Where to Find

Small Claims Court Rules

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