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How SRLs, New Calls and SCC high limits

are killing your law practice.

Here's a couple of really good reasons why you need CanLaw if you want new business.

Over half of all litigation is now handled without a lawyer by self-represented litigants (SRLs) according to the CBA and other sources.

That is half your market gone before you open the office door. Kiss that income goodbye

Small Claims courts have upped the limits to $25,000+ across Canada, so you have lost all the litigation between say, $5000 and $25000 that you used to handle and that paid the rent. Kiss that income goodbye. (Alberta SCC is now $50,000.)

The number of new lawyers being churned out by the "no one fails" law schools is flooding the market. They are starving and will take on anything they can get at bargain rates.

LSUC and no doubt other law societies are subsidizing many of these new lawyers so they can compete with you. Kiss that income goodbye.

So, CanLaw becomes more important to you, not only for the referrals, but the ads and name promotion you get by being on our site.

CanLaw averages 55,000 visitors a month looking for legal help. Being on CanLaw gets you a share in that business. You don't need to kiss this income goodbye.

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