Ontario  Legal Aid- Click here


Ontario Legal aid is officially available across the province, to lower-income people for a variety of legal problems, including criminal matters, family disputes, immigration and refugee hearings and poverty law issues such as landlord/tenant disputes and employment insurance.

Every Ontario resident and, in certain cases, non-residents requiring legal assistance can apply. Eligibility is based on financial need and the type of case. The applicant may pay nothing or a portion of the costs of the legal aid, depending on their financial situation. Once approved, a legal aid certificate entitles a person to retain the lawyer of their choice. The lawyer's fees are then paid by Legal Aid Ontario.

Legal Aid Ontario issues a legal aid certificate to people who are financially and legally eligible and need a lawyer. This certificate is like a “voucher” for legal services. You can use it to “pay” for a lawyer to represent you for a certain number of hours.

Toll Free: 1-800-668-8258

Alberta Legal Aid Click Here

Alberta legal aid covers all indictable criminal offences, and summary conviction offences where there is a likelihood of incarceration, loss of livelihood or unusual circumstances. Civil coverage is provided in a wide range of cases.



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CanLaw Guide to Legal Aid Offices

Quebec Legal Aid - Click here


The Commission des services juridiques is the agency responsible for ensuring that legal aid is provided to any eligible person who applies for it.

For information regarding eligibility for legal aid, contact the Legal Aid Office closest to where you live. Quebec Legal Aid will not confirm whether you are eligible over the phone or on the Internet


No Toll Free Number Call: (514) 873-3562

New Brunswick Legal Aid - Click here


Legal Aid New Brunswick (NBLASC) provides legal assistance to low income individuals for certain family and criminal matters.

Applicant must be financially eligible to obtain Legal Aid for trials.

Applications for Legal Aid are completed by the applicant in the Legal Aid office


Telephone: 506-444-2776

Newfoundland Legal Aid - Click here


The Legal Aid Commission ensures that persons with limited financial means have access to legal counsel. Link lists offices and types of legal matters covered by legal aid.

Toll free: 1-800-563-9911

Nova Scotia Legal Aid - Click here


Yes, you can apply for Nova Scotia Legal Aid online.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid has thirteen community-based law offices, as well as the Halifax/Dartmouth Metro Community Law Clinic, which operates independently.

Legal services are provided if you have a legal problem in family law (including child protection), criminal law or social justice.


Toll Free 1-877-777-6583

B.C. Legal aid - Click here

Legal Services Society of British Columbia Legal aid is when the Legal Services Society (LSS) pay for a lawyer to represent you in court. LSS is an independent, non-profit organization that provides legal help for people in B.C.

There are 34 communities offices in BC where you can apply for legal aid and get legal information.

Toll Free:1-866-577-2525

Prince Edward Island Legal Aid  -

Click here

Criminal and family legal aid services are provided under the Prince Edward Island Legal Aid Program.

Eligibility for legal assistance is determined by a flexible means test.

No Toll Free Number Provided

Manitoba Legal Aid - Click here


For those who qualify, Legal Aid Manitoba helps:

  • People with family issues such as divorce, child custody, maintenance enforcement and child protection matters.
  • Adults and youth who are facing criminal charges.
  • People with disputes involving social assistance, workers compensation or disability benefits.
  • Groups and individuals with test cases in the areas of consumer, poverty, environmental, Aboriginal and Charter of Rights challenges.


Legal Aid Manitoba does not handle real estate transactions, property divisions, wills and estates, corporate and commercial matters, or civil litigation matters such as people suing each other.

Toll Free: 1.800.261.2960

Saskatchewan Legal Aid- Click here


Legal Aid Saskatchewan provides legal services to persons and organizations in respect of civil and criminal matters where those persons are financially unable to secure those services from their own resources. Legal Aid Saskatchewan currently has 15 Legal Aid Offices across Saskatchewan. For help call:


Toll Free: 1-800-667-3764

Northwest Territories - Click here


The Legal Services Board is responsible for ensuring that all eligible persons in the Northwest Territories receive legal services.


The Board follows prescribed guidelines for determining if a person is eligible. The Board oversees the operations of legal aid clinics situated in every administrative region of the NWT.

Toll Free: 1-867-873-5320

Yukon Legal Services Society -Click here

YLSS is Yukon's legal aid service provider. If you need a lawyer, but cannot afford to pay, they may be able to help by providing a lawyer at no cost or at a very low cost to you.


YLSS is here to ensure that low-income individuals living in the Yukon have access to justice by providing quality legal aid services and by supporting other Yukon justice programs helping low-income individuals.

Toll Free: 1-800-661-0408 ext 5210

Nunavut Legal Aid - Click Here


Legal Services handles legal aid

LSB’s regional legal aid clinics are located in Cambridge Bay (Kitikmeot Law Centre), Rankin Inlet (Kivalliq Legal Services), and Iqaluit (Maliiganik Tukisiiniakvik).

Each clinic is staffed by a complement of family and criminal lawyers, administrative support, and court workers.

Court workers are based both within the clinics and in the communities

No toll free number provided

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