Why do the police need military weapons?

Cherry Beach Express

Pukka Orchestra


I've got a bone to pick with you

not so friendly boys in blue

you come out of the station

and into the street

and everybody beats

a hasty retreat


Well it was late one Friday

I'm a little bit wrecked

you're on your way to serve and protect

you buzz out of a cruiser

like bees from a hive

and ask me if I want to

go for a drive


go for a drive?


That's why I'm riding on

the Cherry Beach Express

my ribs are broken

and my face is in a mess

and I made all my statements

under duress


52 Division

handcuffed to a chair

I'm joining the lineup

to fall down the stairs

I tell you I'm innocent

I try to explain

we're just making sure

you don't do it again


do what again?


That's why you're riding on

the Cherry Beach Express

your ribs are broken

and your face is in a mess

and we strongly suggest you confess!


I confess I'm mystified

by the way you're occupied

I confess I'm horrified

why are you so terrified?

does the pain get any less

if I confess

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Beware of the Toronto

Police Department


Cherry Beach Express is a song about the notorious 52 Division of the Toronto Police force. They have long been believed to routinely take prisoners and suspects to a deserted, industrial waste land called Cherry Beach and beat the crap out of them.

There was at least one major law suit where a Cherry Beach Express victim was awarded a six figure settlement against the Toronto goons who took him on the Cherry Beach Express.

The Toronto Police force has also had a steady stream of corruption problems, accusations and officers charged for various criminal offences.

The force has serious ethical and criminal problems and needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom.

There are the cops who kettled and arrested hundreds of people just for being on the street.

Then there is the cop who shot (murdered?) the kid on a streetcar. He is on trial for murder, but though he did kill the kid, he will probably be let off.

Lying in court and faking notes is common.

Following are the lyrics to a song about the practice which got a lot of airplay on Toronto radio in 1984. Needless to say the Police tried to ban the song. One wonders how many members of the Pukka Orchestra ended up riding the Cherry Beach Express. They are lousy musicians but the words speak volumes

Police in Saskatchewan have been dumping undesirables in mid winter out side town where they can freeze to death. No doubt other police forces have their own versions of the Cherry Beach Express.

Is this is a factor in the huge number of false convictions occurring in Canada?

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