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Product description: What are SEO Keywords, Rich Snippets,Titles, Meta Tags How to handle keywords, meta tags, titles without getting search engines and Google angry at your law office website
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Rich Snippets is the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. Wikkipedia

Rich Snippets combine the other meta tag elements and are simply essential for any web site.

About SEO, Keywords,

 Titles, Meta Tags

Google and the others use rich snippets, meta tags to assess and rank your site, but content is still the major factor. There is a lot of nonsense about meta tags so be careful who you believe.


A meta title tag is usually the first item that appears in the search engine results page describing your site. It is vital. People assess your site based on your title tag and maybe on your description tag. If the  meta  title tag does not have what they are looking for, they go elsewhere.

That does not mean title tags should be long, flowery sales pitches. Maximum length is about 20 words. They must be chosen well  Some guidelines even say that the title tag should be no longer than 70 characters, but that is based on what shows in the top bar of a browser. Search engines see more.

How to Write Title Tags for Your Web Pages


The single most important sentence for your law practice website is the title tag of your main page. If written properly, then your site is much closer to being well placed in search engine results for your important keywords. It should not exceed 55 characters

The title tag is very important because it "tells" the search engine what a page is about, and in the case of your main page, what your law office website is all about.

A title tag is usually seen as the first line in the search results and simply must summarize your site so people can instantly decide if they want to see your whole site.

Bad title tags pretty much destroy your chances of getting qualified prospects to visit your legal web site.

You've got to feature the gist of your law practice in a title tag.

Title tags feature the most important words and phrases best describing what your law practice is about.



Use each of your page's titles to tell people what that page is about in 55 characters.


Meta description tags should not exceed 155 characters.

They provide a short description of your law office services  and are extremely important in gaining user click-through to your site.

These short paragraphs advertise content to people and show them whether or not the given page contains the information they're looking for.

Meta description tags are important to search engine rankings.


A Content Tag is usually visible to people searching for a site. Either this or the description tag will be reflected in the search engine results.

How to handle keywords, meta tags, titles without getting Google and the other search engines angry.
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