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Our most frequently asked question: "Why Shouldn't I Use a Free Web Site?"

1) They're not really free. If they are free, why do they ask for your credit card details? Only the first week or month is free, and only if you store your credit card information and agree to be billed monthly for using their services. You must negotiate with your credit card company to cancel these unwanted recurring charges. (We never store your credit card information and therefore can never bill you monthly.)


2) They are not focused on estate planning. Go to their home page, and you can see that they are usually a repository for hundreds of different legal forms and documents, including loan agreements, rental agreements, and business incorporation. (We are estate planning experts. That's all we do.)


3) Limited updates. Check the fine print. Most sites only let you make changes to your document for 1 or 2 weeks. (We allow unlimited updates for 1 full year. No hidden charges. Ever.)


4) They might sell your information. If a document is free, the company still needs to make money somewhere. Think about it. Usually, they want your personal information so that they can sell it to third parties, such as insurance companies and financial advisors. (We have strict policies that protect your information. We will never sell it to anyone.)

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