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  •  Hi, I was trying to find some information and came across your website. We are astounded by the knowledge you have. CanLaw exhibits just how you understand this kind of legal subject matter. Book-marked this page, will return for further. CPL
  • This is a wonderful site! I was at a loss with where to search for a lawyer in Montreal and your CanLaw Lawyer Referral form makes it so easy. I await replies from interested lawyers. Thanks so much for being there! CV
  • I think this is a great website. I would also like to see where a person could obtain access to court cases on different subjects. Looking through the government is a major hassle. KS
  • I have today been referred to CanLaw. What an outstanding concept and web site. Thank you for providing your services on the Internet Great site, Great concept, and Great work. HB
  •  I truly believe that you offer a brilliant service. Being what I perceive to be the only real lawyer referral service for Canadian lawyers available on the net, I appreciate your efforts, CanLaw.  DR"
  • I thought you might like to know that I responded to a message from a company in Philadelphia and the client was astounded at the speed (within 24 hours) that she was able to locate a lawyer in the right area who handled her type of problem (collections).GC
  • You are doing a tremendous public service. TE
  • I have today been referred to your CanLaw website. What an outstanding concept and web site. GM
  • I would like to thank you for the web site, it has made my search for a WCB lawyer very simple, and time saving. I will make this site known to other people with whom I work with. RK

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  • I just wanted to send you some feedback re your website, because I am so impressed with the amount of relevant info I acquired from checking it out!  I am not very "finance-savvy", to say the least, but your website is so informative, that even I have picked up a thing or two!  It is so easy to navigate & understand the info, and the links are fantastic. Thanks to your folks at "" From "Gazer, Liz
  • I never thought of lawyers as being so funny and creative. This site is great. There ain't too many holy cows, or icons of any other stripe or persuasion who'd dare stick their neck out too far. Your biting wit, most refreshing
  • Just wanted to say that I love your lawyer website and to keep it up. The effects on men have been devastating.  Family laws have reached absurdities no one could ever imagine. Thank you for exposing the obvious that all others are so afraid of or indoctrinated to. From Mike
  • Thank you very much for putting together such an informative and resourceful Canadian legal site! You have answered and helped me tremendously in the little time I visited your site! I'll certainly be passing along the word to many of my friends and colleagues. Keep up the excellent work! L.K. L

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