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  • CanLaw has helped about 325 thousand people with legal problems. We can help youI find this web site extremely useful.  Kudos for the hard work involved in setting it up. Wonderful page design and layout. Very helpful, and useful. Lillian Marie W
  • Hello, Just discovered your wonderful site. You call yourselves altruistic - a word I would have used to congratulate you had you not already used it! (Saintly is not bad either).Just a little leg-pulling.  Yours truly, From "Vincent W
  • Thank you so much for publishing such a fine resource for free. --Webmaster  Amedeo Tenants' Association  From Theresa & John M
  • I came upon your CanLaw site looking for lawyers and Canadian law and am impressed with your site and the resources available to me as a person with little knowledge of the justice system. It gave answers to  questions i have had but did not know where i could get the answers. HT
  • Thanks for putting a site like this together it has helped me and will help many other people that are unsure where to turn. CanLaw has helped to relieve some worry. Donna Gary T.
  • I am glad there is someone out there who cares about others. Thats how I got in this position to start with. Thanks for developing this CanLaw site. From "Stan/Susan J"
  • I will continue to use your services and would definitely recommend it. From "Seema j
  • What a great site! Is there anything comparable to CanLaw in the U.S. Thanks,From J. S. F

CanLaw is the national Canadian lawyer referral service for those needing to find a lawyer or legal assistance or related services for any reason whatsoever, anywhere in Canada

  • This site,, is bar none without a doubt the best resource and link site that I have had the pleasure of using and I will recommend it to all my friends who are need of legal resources or interesting reading. From "Glen Rt"
  • I am a non-custodial mom.....just went through your site....WOW!  I too am extremely disappointed with the system as a whole. I too believe lawyers, judges, RCMP, Police make up the rules as they go. From Betty S
  • Dear Sir/Madam,  I just wanted to let you know that CanLaw is an excellent source of information.  You can be sure that I will forward this site to all family and friends.  Thank your for your wonderful effort to supply consumers with such valuable information. Sincerely, Armin and Karm
  • I would like to thank you for your courage in exposing the terrible truth that everyone else is so afraid to even hint at.
  • I'm embroiled in a battle with the Law Society of Upper Canada regarding their pathetic handling of a complaint against a lawyer. I discovered by experience what you point out on CanLaw

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