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We represent both landlords and tenants in a variety of cases, including:

  • Eviction for non-payment of rent
  • Maintenance and repair issues
  • Eviction based on personal use
  • Tenant’s rights applications
  • Notice of eviction in bad faith
  • Substantial interference with reasonable enjoyment.

Valerie Cao


Licenced by the Law Society of Ontario

(416) 732-0651



(416) 732-0651

Legal Advice You Can Rely On

No Surprises. We will provide an estimate  of fees and payment arrangements when we have assessed your case.


While you can represent yourself in Small Claims Court, you are far better off to have qualified legal assistance. Lawyers charge too much.

Smart litigants retain a paralegal. Reasonable cost and better results.

If you think you have a small claims court action, please call us for a free half hour consultation. We will give you an honest assessment of your case and whether it is worth pursuing.

Be it bad debts, construction, renovations, landscaping, dentistry, legal services, accounting, advertising, pr promotions, health services, transportation and logistics, travel, manufacturing, insurance, credit problems, HF Paralegal may be able to assist you in the recovery of full, extra, or partial damages associated with your loss.

Call today. Find out where you stand.

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HF Paralegal

82 Scollard Street,

 Toronto M5R 1H2


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