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124 01.00 Deverett Law Offices provides a free initial consultation by email or by phone.
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Deveret Law delivers
Do not leave your estate without detailed instructions for its heirs
Legal advice on planning your estate's disposition
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law & Divorce
  • Bankruptcy or Debt Collection Issues
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Commercial Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Malpractice Litigation
  • Class Action Lawsuits


Deverett Law Offices provides a free initial consultation by email or by phone. Please contact our office to arrange your free initial consultation today.

Criminal Law


You will need the assistance of an experienced lawyer if:


  •  You think that something you have done is illegal, and you want to know what might happen.
  •  You have been served with a Court Order.
  •  You believe that you are being investigated for an offence.
  •  You have been charged with an offence, or are about to be.
  •  You have been found guilty of an offence and you wish to appeal.
  •  You are the victim or complainant of a crime.
  •  You are a witness to a crime and you have questions in regards to your rights and responsibilities.
  •  You would like to receive a pardon for a criminal record.

Family Law & Divorce


  • Marriage Contracts/Agreements
  •  Separation Agreements
  •  Cohabitation Agreement
  •  Child and Spousal Support Arrangements
  •  Custody Arrangements
  •  Division of Family Property Arrangements
  •  Child and Family Service Issues

Bankruptcy or Debt Collection Issues


Deverett Law provides personal and corporate bankruptcy and proposal services. We are experienced in assisting with debt and other money problems that might lead to bankruptcy. It is important for you to know your options regarding bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives. Whether you are in debt or need help recovering a debt, the Deverett Law Offices can help you solve your financial problems.

Real Estate


The Deverett Law Offices has conducted extensive corporate and residential real estate transactions throughout the firm's 20 years of practice. Deverett assists owners, tenants, developers, investors and lenders with all facets of real estate transactions, including: buying, selling, leasing, financing, zoning, development and operation.


Commercial Law


  • Deverett Law offers superior legal and strategic business advice for:
  •  structuring and negotiating deals;
  •  Preparation of legal and business documentation;
  •  Business creation and registration - limited liability, corporation, partnerships, etc.;
  •  Shareholder, partnership, joint venture agreements;
  •  Law and regulations pertaining to the environment;
  •  Licence, employment, management, consulting, non-disclosure, non-competition, and many more corporate situations;
  •  Intellectual property issues and protection;
  •  Commercial arbitration matters.

Civil Litigation


The Deverett Law Offices has a wealth of experience in the adversarial process which includes not only litigation before judges and juries, but also participation in many alternative-dispute resolution forums. In certain circumstances a trial is not always the best answer.


Deverett Law offers a broad range of pre-litigation counseling, so that our clients can avoid litigation when possible. We work with our clients to achieve the best outcome under the circumstances, in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.

Malpractice Litigation


Deverett Law can help you acquire damages for pain and suffering, past and future income loss, future medical expenses, and interest. Family members may be able to receive awards for economic loss. The sizes of the awards vary depending on circumstances. If you believe you have a claim, come and talk to us so we can get the process started and bring you one step closer to attaining the damages you deserve.

Class Action Lawsuits


Deverett Law Offices can assist in prosecuting and defending certification motions, preparing materials, class administration, funding issues and national and multi-jurisdictional cases


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Family Law Matters, Estate litigation, Wills, Real Estate and paralegal services

Tel: (416) 222-6789

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