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Product description: Toronto Family law lawyer practice restricted to family law This encompasses separations divorces marriage contracts adoption child custody matters estates



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Steven M Bookman

Barrister & Solicitor

Family Law

Family Law

My practice is restricted to family law.

This encompasses separations, divorces, marriage contracts,

adoption, child custody matters and estates

Steven M. Bookman LL.B. Ph.D. is one of Canada’s most experienced family

 and estate law lawyers currently working in Toronto, Ontario.

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Family Law


Bookman Law is a leader and innovator in the family law field. Our extensive experience in family law allows us to achieve the results you want. We are by your side every step of the way.

Estate Litigation


Let Bookman Law make sure you receive your fair share of an estate. It is difficult enough to lose a loved one without also losing your entitlement to a portion of their estate. We will help you make sure you are not left out.

Estate Planning


You have worked hard for what you have. Now is the time to have Bookman Law review your portfolio and create the estate plan you require. From simple wills, detailed trusts, or complex estate freezes, we are here to implement the best plan for you.

General Litigation


Our team of experienced lawyers will guide your case from beginning to end with a high level of professionalism. Your success is our ultimate goal.

Hague Convention


Bookman Law has the knowledge and experience to deal with child abduction issues whether from Canada or to Canada. We are leaders in this field with an outstanding record of success. If this is your issue, call us now.

Steven M Bookman


Steven M. Bookman LL.B. Ph.D. is one of Canada’s most experienced family and estate law lawyers currently working in Toronto, Ontario.

Steven M Bookman Law Office

504-1881 Yonge Street

Toronto, Ont M4S 3C4


Tel (416) 488-2243


Fax: (416) 488-4491


Canadian Family Law is one of the mainstays of Bookman Law's practice.

We are industry leaders and innovators in the family law realm. All areas of Family Law including Divorce Litigation are specialties at Bookman Law.

We take your case seriously and we work our hardest for you whether we settle or take your case to court. We know the Family Courts exceptionally well and we will work our hardest to win your case for you.

We listen to you, we note your concerns and we are with you every step of the way from our initial meeting through every stage of the process.

The Bookman Law staff are by your side from beginning to end.


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