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Anthony de Marco All criminal charges legal aid free half hour

Anthony De Marco


All Criminal & Drug Offences Legal Aid

Steven M. Bookman LL.B. Ph.D. is one of Canada’s most experienced family and estate law lawyers currently working in Toronto, Ontario.

Steven Bookman


Family Law

The Deverett Law Offices is a full service law firm ready to service any legal needs from closing the sale of a house to creating your will to a

Michael Deverett


Estates Family & Criminal Law

Toronto Lawyer Susan Kerr Criminal Famlily Estates law

Susan Kerr

Young Offenders

Criminal Law Family Law Wills Estates

Liam McALear

Family Law

Criminal Law

Corporate Commercial

Toronto Lawyer All Noor practices Family Law Personal Injury Claims Corporate Commercial Immigration Trade Marks Copyright since 1969

Al Noor


Family Law  Personal Injury Immigration

Focus on Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims, and Disability Claims.

Tom Zwiebel

Personal Injury Lawyer

Toronto lawyer Mark Klaiman handles franchise and commercial litigation, personal injury litigation, estate litigation, and collection matters.

Mark Klaiman


Civil and Criminal Litigation

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