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Apply As Soon As Possible:

If you think you need Legal Aid, apply as soon as possible. Normally it takes two or three weeks to process your application. Your lawyer cannot "officially" start working on your file until s/he has a Legal Aid certificate.


If approved, take your Legal Aid certificate to the lawyer of your choice. Most lawyers do not accept Legal Aid so you may have difficulty finding one, but you will sooner or later.


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How you you apply for Legal Aid?


Call and make an appointment if possible. Then go to your local Legal Aid office and speak to a staff person.


What do you need to bring with you?


This varies by province so check with your local legal aid office.

  • Identification such as your social insurance card, driver's licenser. birth certificate or landed immigrant papers.
  • Documents relating to your case, such as court orders. separation agreements
  • Proof of income if you have any (3-4 recent pay stubs, welfare cheque stubs or employment Insurance statements)
  • Proof of monthly expenses and bills (rent receipt, mortgage payment, hydro, gas, car payment receipts of cancelled cheques, credit card statements, car insurance bill)
  • Deed for your house.
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