Guide to Family Law and Divorce
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Product description: Know The Rules For Divorce Your Province's Family Law Act Deals With Spousal And Child Support Division Of Property And Possession Of The Matrimonial Home

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Know The Rules For Divorce

Review Your Province's Family Law Act Which Deal With Spousal And Child Support, Division Of Property, And Possession Of The Matrimonial Home

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The Grounds For Divorce: Marriage Breakdown

Each province also has its own Family Law Acts which will affect your divorce in some manner.


A no-fault divorce is, just that. The parties use marriage breakdown with no fault to either spouse. You both agree upon the divorce. If you never agreed upon anything else during the marriage, agree to agree on a no-fault divorce and save your estate and your sanity.

If you don't agree upon a no-fault divorce, you will both need lawyers. Many simple divorces end up in the lawyers hands when they could have been handled as a no-fault divorce.

Some couples who did not know about the no-fault divorce forms and kits have agreed upon the terms of the divorce and then one spouse will go to a lawyer to get the "papers drawn up".

Average divorce costs using lawyers now run around $40,000 totally wiping out an estate and drag the proceeding on for over three years. With a no-fault divorce kit it could have all been over in 60 days at a cost of a few hundred dollars for court filing fees.

It does not take a rocket scientist to complete the forms in a divorce kit. Just follow the instructions. Be sure to have all signatures notarized before submission to the court. The forms provide for custody, visitation, division of assets, liabilities and other needs.

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