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If You Plead Guilty To Impaired Driving this is what will result:


Criminal conviction and criminal record for life.

Record of fingerprints & photographs at the RCMP and your local police department

Driver’s license suspension for 1 full year minimum

Very high fines (thousands of dollars)

Installation of an breath testing ignition interlock system in your vehicle for 1 year at your expense

Required to take a driver training program before getting your license back.

Car insurance premiums starting at $10,000 year for 3 years or longer.

Foreign travel restrictions. You will require a US waiver to enter the US and many other countries

You will want to apply for a pardon as soon as possible.

Anyone who drives drunk should be flayed

80% of all DUI charges result in a conviction


60% of Drug impaired charges result in a conviction

Source Stats Canada

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If You Have Been Charged With a Criminal Offence, Do Not Gamble. CLICK HERE  to Get a Criminal Lawyer NOW.

Here are the basics:

A conviction for either impaired operation, over 80 mg, or refusal to provide a breath sample results in:

Minimum DUI fine or jail

$600 fine for a first offence,

Minimum 14 days jail for a second offence

Minimum of 90 days in jail for a third offence

A Criminal Code driving prohibition will be imposed by the Court forbidding operation of a motor vehicle anywhere in Canada for at least one year.

Minimum automatic driver's licence suspension upon conviction of 1 year for a first offence,3 years for a second offence, lifetime for a third offence.

Driver's Course and fee required for licence reinstatement.

Installation of an breath testing ignition interlock system is mandatory after reinstatement. You must breathe into the machine before the car will start. So must your family members and any one else who uses the car.

Automatic administrative licence suspension for 90 days immediately upon charge and arrest.

If you drive while suspended you face very stiff penalties. and since your insurance will be cancelled, you face a minimum $5000 fine for driving without insurance.

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