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Have you been arrested or charged? Is there a warrant for your arrest? What will happen if you face criminal arrest and charge.

What it all means. What to expect and your rights. How to deal with the police.

If you are facing criminal charges, it is critical that you secure the services of an experienced Toronto criminal defence lawyer.


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Have you been arrested and charged?  Taken to a police station? Here is a simple outline of the criminal arrest and charge process. What will happen, when and what it all means. What to expect and your rights. How to deal with the police.  Read more about Arrests >>

R v Cleghorn Supreme Court of Canada ruling on when alibis should be disclosed.

Read about Alibis >>

An unofficial ranking of most criminal code charges by their perceived seriousness. From most serious.... murder. to least.... simple harassment. Read more about where your charge Ranks >>

Courts deny bail more often than they grant it. Our jails are full of accused people awaiting trial who have not been convicted of any crime.

Read what to do when Denied Bail >>

Bail hearings and appeals. Bail is not guaranteed. How to proceed and what to do if denied. Release terms. sureties. How to change bail conditions. Read more about Bail >>

Explains the steps in your criminal trial.

Read more about your Trial >>

Outlines and explains what happens to you once the process reaches the trial stages.

  • Acquittal.
  • Conviction
  • Stays
  • Discharges
  • Jail.
  • Probation
  • Peace Bonds

and what they all mean to you.

Read more about your trial outcome >>

 More and more bail and domestic violence courts order accused people to take Anger Management Counselling as a condition of bail or release. Where do you go to get it?

Read more about Anger Management Orders >>

Peace bonds can be a relatively painless alternative to a criminal trial. conviction and the criminal record that can ruin your life. The terms and conditions must be obeyed or you can be arrested.

BUT, peace bonds show up on your record when you travel.

They are frequently abused by women who make false accusations against their husband/boy friend to gain advantages in family law.

Men are always treated as guilty when accused of so called "domestic violence."

They frequently attack employers or work associates with peace bonds because they have learned it is a very profitable thing to do.

Read more about Peace Bonds >>

The courts have the authority to impose peace bonds in some cases even where no complaint exists. Now that is a terrifying misuse of the law and judicial power.

Read how the courts abuse Peace Bonds >>

Criminal Offences Defined

Definitions of the most common criminal offences in simple layman's terms

Review the real meaning of your charges >>

Court appearances. Disclosure. Crown resolution or pretrial hearing. Preliminary inquiry. Crown Conferences. pretrial. What to Expect.             Read more about the pretrial Hearing >>




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For the average man in Canada, the person most likely to ever file a police complaint

 against him is his wife.

DUI charges are criminal charges and as serious as it gets. You have already had your licence suspended just for being charged. That is only the beginning. You face heavy fines. maybe jail and huge insurance fees in the future. If you were driving drunk. you well deserve everything you get.

If you are innocent then you desperately need a very good DUI lawyer. Read more about DUI >>

If you are facing any of these charges. you need a criminal lawyer Click here for a free referral to a criminal lawyer in your area.

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