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How to Stop Saskatchewan Bill Collectors Harassing Phone Calls

Saskatchewan collection agencies cannot harass, threaten, bully or intimidate you.

Here`s how to file a complaint.

It is illegal for Sask bill collectors

 to harass you


601-1919 Saskatchewan Drive

Regina, Saskatchewan  S4P 4H2

Telephone: 306-787-6700

Fax: 306-787-9006


Read about Sask collection rules here . . .

Saskatchewan Consumer Protection Act

A Saskatchewan Collection Agency Cannot:

It is against the law

  • Deliberately mislead you with a document that looks like a legal document or a court form
  • Threaten to repossess goods without having the proper authority to do so
  • Remove any goods unless you or an adult having possession and use of the merchandise is present at the time and is aware of the removal, except with court authority
  • Harass neighbours or friends to locate the whereabouts of you and your family.
  • Seize or attempt to seize any item other than what they are authorized to seize
  • Harass you or your family at any time, in any manner.
  • Make threats of any kind.
  • Phone or visit before 7:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. You can try sending them a no trespass notice if they come to your home
  • Phone or visit on a Sunday or a statutory holiday
  • Phone or telegram collect


A bill collector must give you her full name, his or her company’s name, and the name of the business or person who is requesting money and the balance owing, and may not request more than what is owed.

Service fees for collection agents cannot be added to the sum owing unless the law provides for it.

If you decide to make a payment to the collector, use a money order, do not send a cheque with your banking information on it. Only a fool would pay cash. Ask for a signed receipt. The receipt should be dated and include the name of the business or person requesting payment and the amount paid.

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