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Don't Let Identity Thieves Ruin Your Credit.


Yes, identity theft can happen to you.


All the thieves need is your name, address, birth date and SIN to apply for credit cards or loans in your name, put a mortgage on your house or get any other documents with your name.


When this happens, your credit can be destroyed and it will take YEARS to repair it even though you did nothing wrong.


As always prevention is better than the cure.


If your house is burglarized or your wallet or purse is lost or stolen the vital ID documents could easily find their way into the hands of identity thieves.


Report the theft to the credit bureaus at once.  They will put a warning watch on your file and any new credit enquiries or applications will be confirmed directly with you. It is not foolproof but it helps.


Notify the police, the financial institutions you deal with, and all creditors. Obtain a copy of your police report as this will help you show you are or may be a  fraud victim.


Cancel all existing credit cards, accounts, passwords and PINs, and replace them with new ones.


Mail theft Thieves rummage through accessible mail boxes looking for utility bills, credit card or bank statements or any other mail which contains account numbers and similar information.


They also will go through your garbage so shred anything that has your name on it.


If you have a mail box hanging on the outside of your residence, replace it with a mail slot.


If the mail is delivered to common boxes, retrieve your mail promptly and do not ever throw unwanted mail in the trash containers in public areas. Shred it.


Leave your SIN card at home. You do not need it on a day to day basis and since you probably know your number you would never encounter a situation where you would require it on the spot.

FRAUD ALERTS: If your identity is stolen;


Request that the credit bureau attach a fraud alert to your file. A fraud alert is a red flag on your credit report which will identify you as a potential fraud victim to credit granters.



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