What You Need to Know When the Collection Agency Calls

Collection Agencies

What to do when the vultures are after you.


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  • It is a criminal offence for a collection agency to harass or intimidate you, to send you threatening mail or to threaten you over the telephone or in person.
  • It may be a criminal offence if a collection agency is calling you many times a day at home or at work or is using scare tactics to get you to pay them.
  • If a collection agency is harassing you:
  • Tell them to stop contacting you as it is criminal harassment.
  • If they make one more call contact the police and your phone company
  • Report them to your provincial Corporate and Consumers Affairs office. This will place their license at risk.
  • If you get a letter purporting to be from a Collection Agency's law firm or lawyer, complain to their law society about harassment by that lawyer.
  • You do not have to speak to anyone from a collection agency or deal with them if you choose not to.
  • When they phone do not speak to them. Get the person's name, phone number and company name then hang up without saying another word.
  • When they call back (and they will call and call) log the calls, but just continue to hang up without speaking to them.
  • Do not tell them where or if you work.
  • Do not tell them where your bank is.
  • Do not discuss your finances with them.
  • If you do make any payments to them, get a postal money order so they do not learn where your bank account is.
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